Idea for Heir Force

I know earlier I explained where I got the title for Heir Force– from the base newspaper column at Offutt.  But I haven’t shared where I got the story idea.

On the last night of a writing conference a few years back, I had a vivid dream right before waking up.  It was the first bit of sleep I’d actually gotten at the conference and the dream was so vivid, it was like watching a movie in my head.  I saw John and Kate talking and didn’t understand all of what was going on.  But as soon as I woke up, I unpacked my notebook and pen and wrote the scene down.  I have been working on Heir Force ever since.

I hope you enjoy it as we go along.  I will start posting the actual story in a few days!

Sit tight!


Heir Force Minor Characters

If you’ve ever read Agatha Christie, you know she sometimes lists her cast of characters before the story starts. Here, in no particular order, are more Heir Force characters that will appear in the story. I’m closer and closer to getting started and am excited to get things underway!

Mrs. Kern—(Lauren), John’s mom, the mother of three sons, she lives in Minnesota with her husband, Bill, whose health is failing.  Lauren yearns for all three sons to come home safe.

Andrew Green—a newer friend of Spencer’s, he’s 27, with a younger sister, his parents are older. Andrew loves a good catfish dinner, as long as he doesn’t have to catch it first.

Matt Walters—a friend of John’s and Spencer’s and Kate’s, from Missouri, 25.  Matt likes to play hard, no matter what the game.

Jen Flowers—a new friend of Kate’s since her arrival at Scott, Jen is 25 and works in Supply; Kate met her while working out at the gym; Jen has two older brothers and is from Minnesota. She stands about five foot, eight inches, has dirty blond hair and hopes to have a big family someday.

Kelly Christie—a friend of Kate’s, about 26, from California, a little on the loud but fun side, she’s liberal and has one sister.  Kelly enlisted to prove she could to a hotshot cousin of hers.

Ruth Vandervort—Kate’s current nemesis, she tries to get Kate in trouble at every opportunity, she used to date John Kern.

Sarah Kern—John’s young daughter, living with her birth mother in another state.  She will soon play a major role.