Heir Force Novel: Kate and John’s Dinner Date

Previously on Heir Force, Ruth Strikes.

The next night Kate and John were eating dinner at Spencer’s place along with Andrew, an airman friend of Spencer’s. Kate didn’t really want to do the group thing with John leaving so soon, but they’d made these plans weeks ago around their various schedules.

And her contribution to the meal- the most important part- happened to be dessert. Something chocolate and loaded with heavy calories had been requested.

Spencer lived in a comfortable two-bedroom condo owned by a widow who lived next door. Martha and her husband bought both sides years ago, and rented out the other side to a military family or person for as long as they needed it. They never had any problems, according to what Spencer had told her and John once. Kate knew that since her husband died a year or so ago, that Spencer checked in on her and did small handyman projects for her. She always calls him her ‘nice young man’. Kate smiled thinking about it.

She didn’t mind them getting together, but the timing wasn’t the best. She would prefer just her and John go out, which they will do in a day or two. They didn’t seem to have as much alone time anymore.

The following afternoon, Kate made her double fudge brownies with a caramel center and set them aside to cool before John picked her up. She opened the door when John arrived promptly at five. “Tough day?” he asked.

Kate let him in before answering. She led him to the living room after he put his dish on her kitchen counter. They sat on her sofa, leaning against a blanket in a southwestern turquoise pattern. “Just long. I’m waiting for Ruth to go on leave, and then it won’t be as bad.” One didn’t go on vacation when active duty, but on ‘leave’– when and if it was granted.
“Ah, I see.” He rubbed her shoulders after sitting beside her. He wore kaki cargo shorts and a red polo. He paused a minute to ask her if her outfit was new.

She turned toward him, surprised. “Actually, it is.”

“It looks nice on you.” His eyes appraised her choice of the blue floral print top and slacks that hugged her curves perfectly.

“Thanks. I bought it last week.” One of her favorite stores at the mall was Christopher & Banks, because they sold pants in ‘tall’ which she needed for her frame.

John stopped his massage and patted her on the shoulder. “I guess we should go. Don’t want to be late for dinner.”

Kate hid her disappointment and said, “I guess so. I’ll get my dessert.”

Later as Kate readied for bed, she thought over the evening. It seemed to her that Spencer was eyeing John about something, but every time she looked at either of them, they pretended nothing was going on. She wondered though what those two were cooking up now.


Next time on Heir Force, Kate Meets with Her Boss

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