Heir Force Novel: Dinner With John

Previously on Heir Force: Kate Meets With Her Boss


Kate and John ordered the chicken special at Ravanelli’s, a casual restaurant not far from the base that specialized in pasta and chicken. Kate didn’t like cooking chicken, so ordered it often in one form or another when eating out. She just didn’t like the texture of raw chicken, whether it was skinned or not.  Her friends called her a chicken.  She didn’t care.

John was leaving in three days and this would be their last time together before he deployed. Kate could barely eat anything, and John’s silence wasn’t helping. He seemed to be in his own world.

John picked up Kate promptly at seven and they left for the restaurant shortly after. He was wearing navy slacks and a gray and red polo.

Their meal was eaten mostly in silence, and Kate was worried. “John, what are you thinking about?”

He swallowed his mashed potatoes before answering. “Everything. Why I’m doing this, why I have to leave again, how much I hate the desert. Leaving you and my friends. Worrying my parents.”

Kate reached for John’s left hand and nodded. She thought the same thing before deploying too. And if she didn’t know better, that would be soon. She’d been stateside for five months now.

“I’m ready to get out. To do something else and stay put.”

John’s announcement startled her. This was new. “Really?” She thought maybe this is what he’d been trying to say for the last few months. And maybe what was holding him back from proclaiming his true feelings.

“It’s time.” John looked away from Kate.

“You only have sixteen months left, right?”

He nodded, picking up his ice tea. “Yep, and it can’t go fast enough.”

Their server brought their ticket and John removed his wallet, leaving a generous tip with the bill.

Later that evening, Kate realized she didn’t feel any less fear about John getting out and wondered if he was going to break up with her. He didn’t really go into what he would do after getting out or where he would settle. Or better yet, who with.


Next time on Heir Force: Kate Reflects at Work


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