Heir Force Novel: Kate Cooks and Spencer Installs

Previously on HFN: Kate and Spencer Spar

Kate took out the packages from the plastic bag and looked through them. She was glad Spencer was a computer geek in addition to his military role. She was already lost. She glanced through the car window and noticed the storm had eased up and would probably be only a memory by the time they got home and changed. She figured Spencer probably had clothes in the car, to make it easier to crawl around on the floor under and behind her desk.

After they got to her place and got Buttons to settle down at the prospect of a new playmate, they changed out of their wet clothes. Spencer asked, “Do you have a place I can hang this sopping thing?” He held up his uniform.

“I’ll get you a hanger and you can put it over the shower head.”

“Very practical.”

“Don’t start.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Spencer dropped his head in mock submission. Secretly he was wishing he could dry her off, but he had to reign in those thoughts.

Kate shook her head, going down the hall for the hanger. She was surprised how tan he looked in his navy polo and shorts. It had been a while since she’d seen him in shorts since they had all been in business casual at the dinner a few weeks ago before John had left.

John had to leave suddenly to replace someone who had been injured and sent back to the States. Otherwise he wouldn’t be gone again yet. At least this way, he would get home sooner and they could get on with things. She snatched an empty hanger from her closet and handed it to Spencer. “Here you go,” she offered.

“Thanks. I’ll be out in a minute.”

“I’ll be in the kitchen.” She walked down the hall in the opposite direction and took out the pot for the potatoes and the pan for the meatloaf. So what had happened in the short time they drove to the store? There had been an electric shock between them and then an idiotic argument. She filled her pot with water and turned on the burner. She took out the four potatoes and peeled them over the left side of the sink. She thought about things as she worked, not quite knowing what was going on. She wished John were here for the umpteenth time. She chopped onions for the meatloaf, grated cheese, and opened tomato sauce, a myriad of thoughts running through her mind. She turned on the radio on a light jazz station to try and tune out her confused mind.

While she cooked, she could hear Spencer pulling out her desk and opening packages. Buttons thought it was a new game, and kept getting in his way. Kate smiled at his gentle rebukes and knew he was rubbing Button’s belly when he stopped briefly every few minutes.

Kate knew Spencer liked her and always had, but she belonged to John and Spencer respected that. She tried not to banter and joke with Spencer too much, because she didn’t want to lead him on.

But what if something ever happened to John? She shuddered at the thought, but since they were at war with terrorists in several places around the world including here at home, it was highly likely something could happen to him. Or any of them for that matter.

Even though John seemed reserved at times, she was pretty sure he loved her. She was troubled by the fact he never said so in those exact words, but was afraid to ever ask, even as stubborn as she was. She was afraid there was something or someone from his past that he was afraid to bring up. And she didn’t want to ruin what they had, so she kept her worries to herself. It seemed like a catch-22 scenario and it confused and irritated her.


Next time on HFN: Kate and Spencer Enjoy Meatloaf

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