Heir Force Novel: Kate Attends a Baby Shower

Previously on HFN: Kate Gets Orders

A few days later, Kate ran into Spencer in the hallway at work. He had to catch her to prevent her from falling. “Oh, hi, Spencer. Sorry.” She backed up a few steps.

“No problem. You look like you’re on a mission.”

“Just going to lunch with some of the girls. Kind of like a baby shower, but a lunch hour version.”

“Ah, well have fun.” He walked away a few steps and then turned back around. “Hey, Kate, have you heard from John lately?”

Kate stopped and turned back toward Spencer. “We’ve been skyping each other including last night, but he hasn’t had much to say. Guess he’s fine.”

“Good. He replied to my email too, but didn’t say much either. Well, have fun at the shower.”

Kate rolled her eyes. “I’ll try,” she whispered. They really weren’t her thing, but she did want to honor Leslie with a gift. Especially since she and her family were moving a few weeks after the baby came. She didn’t mind other people becoming moms, she just didn’t want to be one herself.

Kate walked out the door and put her hat on. She had picked out a couple of boy outfits, hoping they were the right size. She really had no clue with such things. But she included the gift receipt in the bag, just in case Leslie needed to exchange them.

At the café where the shower was, Kate found a seat with Jenny and Kelly after adding her gift to the collection of others wrapped in pastel blue and white paper or bags. Jenny was probably her closest female friend at the moment. They weren’t super close, but could be if they were stationed here long enough. Kate had met Jenny at the base gym and since they were both new to the area, they had exchanged phone numbers and had lunch together when their schedules meshed. Jenny worked in Supply. They occasionally ran into each other at the base library as they were both avid readers. Sometimes they swapped each other’s books before returning them.

Kate had known Kelly for a few years and she worked in Security Forces, but they often had conflicting schedules. Kelly was a liberal from California, but Kate tried not to hold it against her. She liked Kelly because she wasn’t afraid to say what she thought and was a little on the wilder side.

Jenny asked Kate, “How are you doing?”

“Fine I guess. But I keep feeling as if there’s a fog around me and it’s driving me crazy,” she replied.

“Well, maybe you just need some girl time. I’m glad you’re here.” Jenny lightly squeezed Kate’s shoulder.

Kate smiled. “Thanks. Maybe you’re right. Have you ordered yet?”

“No, let’s go. I know exactly what I want; how about you?”

“The strawberry chicken salad, definitely.”

Jenny gave her a knowing smile. “Me, too.”


Next time on HFN: Kate Has a Good Time

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