Kate Deploys

Previously on HFN: Kate Attends a Baby Shower

Kate left for Germany two days after the baby shower. She felt relief it wasn’t such a horrible place to go as she had feared. Perhaps she was supposed to go somewhere else, who knows. She flew in to the Frankfurt airport and took a shuttle to the base at Ramstein and checked into billeting (air force hotel services). She would be here for two months and since she was single, was assigned to a small apartment in TLF, temporary living facilities.

She was grateful it was better than a hotel so she could at least cook simple meals and make her lunches instead of eating out every day. She would still get a stipend, but didn’t have to spend it on restaurant food. She didn’t want to sabotage her mostly vegan diet while away from home. She would fill the fridge with fresh spinach, carrots, celery, blackberries, strawberries and a host of other fruits and veggies as soon as she could get to the commissary. What she didn’t spend eating out would be added to her pay when she turned in her paperwork after her return to Scott.

Since she wasn’t staying long and car insurance was much higher in Germany, she would be stuck taking a shuttle back and forth to work, the gym, and the commissary. But on her days off, she hoped to travel some. She was now only four hours away from Paris, France and five hours from Amsterdam.

She would become a temporary part of the 435th Security Forces Squadron after finding her sponsor and taking a two-day orientation class.  She couldn’t wait to sit in on yet another class.

During her time away, she kept in contact with Jenny by email and John by skype. Jenny said everything at home was the same. John never said much, except he missed her and he hated the sand that got into everything. He wondered when we would ever leave these people to their own devices. If Kate didn’t know any better, she thought John may be getting cynical. It was hard to tell though, with him so far away and their sparse communications.


Next time on HFN: Kate Returns to US

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