Spencer Eats a Late Dinner

An hour later, his stomach growled and still no sound came from the bedroom. He checked the kitchen for anything edible. He didn’t find anything but sour milk and some wilted carrots. “At least she’s been eating, huh, boy?” Buttons was sticking close to him, so he put him back on the leash and drove to the store. Since the commissary on base was now closed, he drove to the grocery store nearby.

Buttons barked when he left him in the car, but Spencer told him, “I’ll be right back, I promise.” He went inside and bought apples, bananas, carrots, mushrooms, green leaf lettuce, red potatoes, some soup, soy milk, eggs, and a few other items. He knew a little of the stuff Kate usually bought because of her half-vegan diet. She had told him once that she was trying to eat less processed stuff and cook more. Which he and John appreciated from her efforts. He walked back to the car, stowing the bags in the back seat while Buttons barked furiously. “See, I said I’d be right back.” He slid in the front seat and Buttons tried sitting on his lap. “Sorry, Bud, but not while I’m driving.” He scooted him over on to the passenger seat. “Stay.” Buttons whined, but he settled down.

Back at Kate’s, it took Spencer two trips to bring in the bags and then he unloaded everything, hoping he put most things where Kate liked them. “Now, how about an omelet for a late dinner?” Buttons seemed to know what Spencer was saying and didn’t let the human out of his sight.

As Spencer chopped mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers, he wondered if he should try and wake up Kate or not, but figured she might need the sleep, so let her be. He and Buttons shared the omelet and then Spencer washed up the few dishes and unloaded the dishwasher since it had finished its cycle.

Afterwards, the two of them settled in for a movie and a long night. He rubbed Buttons’ belly, played ball and pulled tug-of-war with his rope toy until Buttons wore himself out and fell asleep.

Spencer pulled a blanket off the sofa back and stretched out, with the television remote in his hand. He wasn’t leaving until they had it out. All of it. He had been sworn to secrecy by his best friend, who was now dead and whose girlfriend now hated him for it. What more could he want? What did he ever do?

About midnight, he heard some noise from Kate’s bedroom and the door opening. He braced himself for more abuse. He switched off the television and waited.

“Why are you still here?” Kate’s voice sounded hoarse and she looked awful. Her hair was even messier and her eyes were red and swollen.

Spencer rubbed his eyes with one hand and stood up before taking a deep breath. “Because we’re not done.”

Kate’s jaw dropped and her eyes bulged. “Not done?! What do you mean not done? You have more bombs to drop in my lap? What more damage are you going to do to me, Spencer?” She dropped to the floor, and Spencer walked over to hold her while she cried. After a minute, she whispered, “Why did he have to die?”

“I don’t know, Kate. I wish I knew.” He let her cry on his shoulder for as long as she needed. When she fell asleep, he covered her with the blanket he had used earlier and made her as comfortable as he could. He leaned against the living room wall in the semi-darkness pondering her unanswerable question until he finally fell asleep beside her.


This concludes chapter 3 of Heir Force Novel.  What do you think will happen next with Kate and Spencer?  If you were Kate and found out something like becoming a legal guardian and not wanting to do it, what would you do in her place?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments! Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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