Kate’s Friends Have a Pow-Wow

Kelly, Jen, and Spencer met for lunch on the Friday before Spencer had to leave for a couple week’s training in Colorado. They met at the bowling alley where they ordered the daily special which was a taco salad. They chatted at their table, while the line to order from the Spare Time Grille grew longer. They’d gotten there just before the lunch rush.

The three of them sat in purple plastic chairs pulled up to a square table, also purple, near the center lanes. Large bowling pin designs were on the walls and a bright blue carpet with geometric designs covered the floor. A small room opposite the lanes housed additional tables and chairs for meetings and a small shop offering bags, balls, and shoes was situated behind the register.

Some of the lanes were occupied with airmen having a good time. The bowling alley was a popular place to eat and get exercise at the same time. Plus the snack bar offered take out which was a big plus.

“I don’t know what we can do,” Kelly said. She tossed her straw wrapper into the middle of the table.  “The other day I tried talking to her and she said, ‘I’m not dealing with that right now. Discussion closed.”’

“I don’t think there is much we can do except pray,” Jen offered. She stirred sour cream and salsa into her salad with her plastic fork.

Spencer folded his hands, elbows on the table. “There’s got to be something. Sarah is an orphan in Iowa, waiting for something to happen.”

Jen spoke up. “Maybe not. She’s only two, right?”

Spencer nodded.

“She’s probably fine. It’s Kate we have to worry about. Sarah is most likely well-cared for, and perhaps bewildered, but little kids are pretty resilient. Kate is the one we have to concentrate on.” Jen poured more salsa on her salad. “If Kate doesn’t come around soon, then we really have a problem.”

“True. You’re right, Sarah’s probably fine,” Spencer said. “I hope Kate understands her position and takes her responsibility seriously. It would be worse if she took it on with a rotten attitude.”

“Now that would be bad.” Kelly agreed. “So, I’m not the praying type,” she grinned at Jen and Spencer respectively, “so what can I do?”

Jen and Spencer looked at each other before answering. “Encourage her, keep her spirits up,” Jen said, while at the same time, Spencer said, “Remind us to pray and talk some sense into her.”

“That I can do.” Kelly finished up her salad. “I have to run an errand. See you guys later,” Kelly pushed in her chair and took her trash away to dump on her way out.

“Thanks, Kelly,” Spencer said.

Kelly put on her hat and waved them goodbye.

“I’ve been wearing myself out praying for Kate,” Jen said.

“Me too. Have been for months.”

Jen looked at Spencer with a questioning look.

“Never mind. Not worth discussing.”

“You sure?”

“At least not now anyway.” Spencer finished his tea and set his cup down. “Finished?” He gestured towards Jen’s tray.

“Yes, thanks.” She gathered her trash and piled it on her tray for him to take.

Then they walked out to the parking lot to their cars. “Keep me posted, and I’ll do the same,” Jen said before beeping her car to unlock it.

“You have my number? I’m leaving in the morning.”

“Oh, right.” She pulled out her phone and waited for him to give it to her. Then she gave him hers. “Okay, have a safe trip.”



Until next time,


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