Spencer Helps Kate Calm Down

Spencer nearly choked on his water in the kitchen. Uh oh. He was in for it now. He set his glass on the counter and turned around, ready for Kate’s next onslaught.

“Yes, Kate?” Spencer tried to play it innocent.

“Do you know exactly what these papers say?” Kate huffed.

“Not exactly, no.” And that was the honest to God truth.

“Let me enlighten you. The papers say, that John, my dearly departed boyfriend, would prefer that I bring up Sarah in the church and homeschool her. The church I got no problem with—,” Kate noticed Spencer’s left eyebrow go up. “But the homeschool part, I have an issue with. How do you homeschool a child and work full time, in the Air Force, no less?” Kate’s voice rose with each syllable.

Spencer tried not to smile. “Since when do you not have a problem with church?” Spencer wondered what all had happened during his TDY. He was very curious to hear how she answered.  He took a swig from his water while she answered.

Kate sighed. “I realized that I was doing to Sarah what my mother did to me and that God has been there all this time but I forgot about him. He didn’t move away—I did.”

“I see. Just making sure you didn’t get any visits from aliens or charlatans while I was away.” Spencer’s hope soared at this new revelation in Kate’s life. “I’m glad you and God are on speaking terms again. It won’t make things easier necessarily, but you’ll have more peace and joy.”

Neither spoke for a moment until Spencer asked, “So is that all then?”

“What do you mean, is that all? That’s certainly way more than I bargained for.” Kate tossed the papers onto the counter. “Good gravy, he wasn’t exactly a saint, you know.”

“Well, John did go to church when he could, you just didn’t want to go with him, remember?” Spencer cleared his throat before adding, “And, he didn’t swear, didn’t drink too often; yeah, that one time; he tried to do the right thing and knew God loved him in spite of himself. It’s true every church is filled with hypocrites, you know, because they’re full of humans who aren’t perfect. Like John. Like me.”

Kate leaned on the counter, silent. If she were to think about it, and had been going to church all this time like she should have been, she’d be another hypocrite herself. She had been harboring anger for years at her mother for leaving her. Who was she to be judge and jury? Was anybody ever better than anybody else? Not really.

“One thing at a time, Kate. I’m here to help you. I think John expected me to, not thinking he was going to die any time soon.” He set his glass on the counter.

Kate nodded, tears slipping down her cheeks. “You’re right. Again.”


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