Spencer Preps for a Road Trip

Sorry for the delay in the next post of Heir Force.  I was helping my daughter with an essay and her first attempt was over 1,000 words in one looong paragraph.  I introduced her to the tab and enter buttons.  ¦⊃

I also had to figure out the rest of this chapter and finish one of the scenes before I could continue.  Alas, enjoy!


After driving home from Kate’s, first thing Spencer did when he got home was throw a load of clothes in the washer, and then found the phone charger in a kitchen drawer. When he took care of that, he changed into old sweats to change the oil. His duplex had a garage and he already had six quarts of oil on hand. When that was done, he went through the refrigerator, dumping out old leftovers and milk. He added the dishes to the dishwasher and with what was already in it had enough to run it. Then he bagged what little perishables he had left and walked over to Mrs. Pettigrew’s.

“Leaving again?” Mrs. Pettigrew asked when she saw him with the plastic sack.

“Yep. My own mission this time. Going to pick up Sarah.”

“That was fast.” Mrs. Pettigrew reached for the bag and said, “Come in. I have some Snicker doodles fresh out of the oven.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice.” Spencer wiped his feet on the rug before stepping in. Over cookies and ice tea, he updated Mrs. Pettigrew on how Kate came around. “I’ll help her any way I can, but boy she can be stubborn.”

Mrs. Pettigrew refilled his tea. She was getting around without her walker now, but wasn’t moving as fast as she did before her surgery. “Stubbornness goes both ways. Good and bad,” she commented. Spencer helped her back into her recliner.

“True. But I hope she uses it to be a good mother to Sarah. I think she will.” They chatted a few minutes more and when Spencer left, he held a package of cookies and had assurance that Mrs. Pettigrew would watch over his place. Again.

Back home, he took a shower. While under the hot water, he thought about the last few days. He was relieved that Kate was putting herself back together. He hoped she really was. He worried about her. But, now that they were entangled so to speak, he could keep a pretty close eye on her. Of course, they would have separate rooms wherever they ended up staying during the trip, but he could see results of anything right away if she tried to pull any more idiotic stunts.

After getting in bed, he made a mental note of food items to get and reminded himself to get out the cooler in the morning and rinse it out.

The next morning he drove to work, knowing he and Kate could meet with Sergeant Nelson after Kate texted a request to see him sometime today. First Sergeants were like counselors, pastors, and liaisons between the troops and higher ups, all rolled into one. It took a special person to be a First Sergeant and Nelson fit the role as well as any Spencer had known so far in his career. Nelson was known to be fair, but wasn’t one to bowl over easily either.

Spencer hoped their trip would be stress free and that he and Kate could come to some understanding and forgiveness. It hadn’t been his idea to not tell Kate about John’s troubling secret. He had tried to get John to fess up early on, so their own relationship could move forward. In Spencer’s opinion it would make things worse, and knowing Kate, it had. But he had stood by John and kept silent and now he was paying the price.

Spencer showed the guard at the gate his ID and drove on to the office building where he and Kate could sign their emergency leave papers. What a mess. But at least they were dealing with it. He had no idea how it would be coming back with a bundle of two year old in his car, but they’d find out.

He pulled into a parking spot and ran into the building, looking for Kate or Sergeant Nelson. Airmen rushed from office to office, holding papers or conversations in the hallways. Phones rang, printers printed and normal other office noise filled the air. Spencer found Kate in the hallway, outside Sergeant Nelson’s doorway. “Hey. Is he here?” Spencer leaned on the wall next to Kate.

“I’m not sure. His office was empty, but the light was on. Maybe he’s making coffee or something.”

“You’re probably right. He drinks a gallon a day, I think.”

Kate smiled and nodded. “Probably.”

“All packed?”

Kate shook her head. “Doing laundry and finishing the cleaning.”

“Me too. Laundry’s done though.” He turned to his right as he heard footsteps approaching.


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