Kate Talks with Jen

Before she left the house, Jen texted Spencer to let him know Kate was coming around. Jen didn’t know if Spencer was back from his TDY yet or maybe sleeping. He and Kate had such crazy schedules all the time. She was glad she had a ‘regular’ day job. At least that’s what she thought Kate was doing when she babbled earlier—coming around. Jen put her phone in her purse and left for the nearest café and ordered the hot drinks through the drive thru window.

A few minutes later Jen was listening to Kate’s story. Kate ended it with, “So, how can I possibly leave her there any longer?”

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Kate Calls Jen

Kate dialed Jen’s number as soon as she found her phone in her purse. When Jen answered Kate blabbered on about her realizations.

Jen said, “Kate! Slow down. What’s going on?” Jen turned down her stereo before sitting down on her sofa and waited for Kate to calm down.

Kate shared with Jen the revelations of the last few minutes. “So, I’m a horrible mother and I haven’t even started yet!”

“Kate, calm down. You’ll be okay.” Jen looked at her watch. It was nearly nine at night, but it was Friday and she didn’t have to work in the morning. “Listen, I’ll pick up some hot chocolates and I’ll be over in a few minutes. Will you be okay until I get there?”

“Yes. I’ll try.” Kate hung up and decided to take Buttons for a short walk. Her anxiety needed an outlet. Though it was obviously dark out, there were numerous lights placed around the complex which were bright enough to make her feel safe and she wouldn’t leave the area anyway.

The night was warm and humid, the stars twinkling miles overhead. She tried to calm her beating heart and pace herself, but she was nearly running around the tennis courts. This was crazy. She was going to be a mother!


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