Spencer and Kate Stop for the Night



“I see.” Kate shivered again. It was so strange to feel so cold after leaving home that morning. The skies were grayer and the white stuff was getting thicker. Spencer had the wipers on to keep the windshield clear. “Aren’t you cold?”

“I am.” He turned up the heat a little bit. “I should have checked the weather yesterday.”

“Me too. I for sure didn’t think we’d be heading into this.”

“Ditto. Onward and upward as they say.” He should have known better. The first thing he always did when preparing to leave was check the weather. But traveling with Kate and for these reasons wasn’t normal and his heart was messing with his mind. Oh, well. There was nothing he could do about it now.

They drove in silence for quite a while until the roads became nearly impassible. It had gotten too dark for Kate to read and she kept an eye on the weather and the roads. After a couple of hours, Spencer said, “Start looking for an exit with decent hotels.” They were only going about forty miles an hour now with the wipers on high. Traffic in the area had slacked off considerably.

“I’m looking.” Kate turned the heat up again and packed her book and parenting magazines away. They had been discussing how Kate’s life will change after this trip as they snacked on grapes and granola bars since they weren’t sure how long they would drive before they absolutely had to stop.

“How are you doing?” she asked.

“Good. But I’m peeved at myself for not making more thorough preparations by checking the weather. And I feel quite foolish.” He grimaced at Kate briefly before turning back to the snowy roads.

Kate put her hand on his arm. “You’re not the only adult here. I could’ve easily checked myself. And I haven’t exactly packed snow boots and sweaters, either.”

“Still. I should have known better.” Spencer hit his knee with a fist.

“We were both thinking more of Sarah. It’s okay.” She was quiet a minute before she noticed the blue sign listing hotels up ahead. “There’s a Hampton Inn at the next exit five miles further.”

“Perfect. Here we come; pray they have a room or two.”

Kate glanced his way. “Preferably two.”

He gave her a quick look. “Might be full with this storm.”


“You can have the bed.”

“How gallant of you.”

“Naturally.” He gave her a quick grin before turning off at the exit and took a right toward the hotel. They both knew they were trying to lighten the mood in a tense situation. Somehow, they would get through it. “The parking lot looks full, but I’ll run in and check.”

“Okay.” Kate watched the swirling snow in the light of street lamps and thought it was at least a foot deep so far. She hoped the hotel had a room left. She gathered up the trash from their snacks and gathered her purse and book bag, hopeful. A few minutes later Spencer came back and slid into the driver’s seat. “We’re in. Took the last room.” He handed her a key card.

“That’s a relief. How much snow is on the ground already?” Kate looked around the parking lot.

“At least a foot and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping any time soon. Let’s get our bags, unpack and I’ll park the car later.” He popped the trunk and got their bags.

“I can get mine,” Kate protested.

“Your hands are full and I got it.” He led the way inside and to the elevator. “We have a two room suite.”

“Perfect. As can be.”

“It’s all they had. I figure if we split the bill, it would be close enough to the cost of a regular room per diem, so I took it.”


Until next time,


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