Spencer and Kate Stuck

“Good thinking.” Kate followed Spencer down the hall after getting off on the third floor. Although paying for their room was the least of her worries at this point.

“Here we are,” he said, dropping his bag. He took out the card key from his pants pocket and let them in.

Kate reached for a light switch. “Very nice,” she said, walking over to the window. She closed the curtains and turned the heater on to medium. She took in the sofa, queen bed, and flat screen television resting on a large dresser. “What’s in the next room?”

“Pretty much the same with a bed, dresser, and television looks like.” He peeked through the door. “Which one do you want? You pick.” He set his bag down on the luggage rack next to the dresser and stretched out his arms over his head. He rubbed his arms, trying to get warm. He felt like a fool, and should have known better than leaving for a trip without checking the weather first. He was never a Boy Scout, but be prepared, and all that, he should have known better. Too late now.

“I’ll let you know.”

Spencer watched with amusement as she first stretched out on one bed and then curled up into a ball, then moved to the other bed. He walked to the doorway of the adjoining room to see if she did the same thing. “Well, what are the official results?” he teased.

“I like this one. You can have the other.”

“Thanks, doesn’t matter to me. I’m grateful to be out of the car for a while after all that sitting.”

“I know. Do you know if they have a gym?” She walked over to the desk and opened the drawers searching for an amenities book. She answered her own question. “Yep, first floor across from the pool. I brought some sweats, you?”

“Always. I live in them, remember?”

“True.” She had forgotten he preferred them to almost anything, especially the Air Force uniform. However, today he had worn a nice button up shirt with jeans and looked pretty good, with his clean-shaven face. She smiled as she thought about it; he was on leave but had shaved this morning anyway. She wondered if it was a personal preference or if he’d shaved out of habit. But she certainly wasn’t going to ask.

“I can change in my room; let me unpack a few things first.”

“I’ll be here.” He took his own bag and lifted it to the bed and unzipped it.

Kate rolled her bag into the adjoining room and unpacked part of it, not knowing how long they would be stuck here. She imagined after their workout, they would watch the news and see what they could find out. Pulling out sweat shorts and a t-shirt, she changed into them, then brushed fingers through her hair and put on her tennis shoes.

“Are you decent?” she called through the door.

“Yeah. Come on in.” He was stretching and doing knee bends at the side of the bed by the window.

“Starting already?”

“You know how small hotel gyms usually are.”

“Good point. I guess I can stretch on this side as long as I don’t hit the bathroom wall.” She looked around and got situated in a way she could stretch also. There was one good thing she liked about being active duty, and that was being forced to stay fit. Their physical tests once a year were grueling, but it kept her motivated to keep in shape year round. She did some knee bends, squats, lifts and jumping jacks. She tried to ignore Spencer’s grin. She didn’t know what he saw that was so funny. “What?”

“Nothing.” He kept up with his jumping jacks.

Kate stopped moving. “Nothing, my foot.”

He grinned even broader and stopped to talk. “It’s just that here we are on leave, in the middle of a blizzard in the middle of the country and we’re still worried about staying fit for the Air Force.”

“What’s so silly about that?”

“I think we’ll have more important things to worry about over the next few days like how to dig ourselves out.”

“Next few days?” Kate squeaked. She stared at Spencer.

“From what I heard downstairs while registering, this is only the beginning. They think it might snow a few feet before it moves out.”

Kate plopped on Spencer’s bed and groaned.


Until next time,



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