Kate Ponders Things

Kate stared at her traveling companion and shook her head. She got up, shut the room door all the way now that they had power to come and go and bolted it. Then she brushed her teeth and turned off all the lights except the one in the bathroom, leaving the door open slightly for some light and went to her room.

Kate slid out of her shoes and changed into her pajamas. What a crazy deal this was. She took out her book and read for an hour before calling it a night. She prayed Sarah would be ok until they could get there and that Spencer would indeed be better in the morning.

Now that she was on her way to pick up Sarah, Kate couldn’t believe she and Spencer were stuck in a blizzard with several more hours of their journey to go. She would try her cell phone again in the morning, but it wasn’t working at the moment. Hopefully she could notify the orphanage about their delay.

Trying to sleep, she thought about Sarah. How will Sarah react to her? How will she react to Sarah? Will she raise her right? What was the right way to raise a child? She only knew one definitely wrong thing to do and that was to leave a child abandoned. That one thing she would never do, but what else shouldn’t she do? A few things were obvious, like not letting Sarah take off alone, letting her eat candy all the time, or staying up all night. But what about other things? There was so much she didn’t know. The magazines she bought for the trip could only tell her so much.

Then her thoughts drifted to John and the times they had together. She missed him, and wished she wasn’t stuck here in the middle of nowhere with Spencer who probably had pneumonia or something worse, with her luck. How was she going to get out of here? And what if Spencer was seriously ill? How could she take care of him with no help or medicine?

And then she remembered John’s request that she find a church and homeschool Sarah when she was older. How was she going to do that?

Kate turned over and prayed, Lord, help.

Tomorrow was another day.


Until next time,


P.S.  What would be your suggestion or tip to share with Kate about parenting?  What kinds of things do you share with new parents you know?  I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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