Spencer Feeling Better

Noises from other guests woke Kate the next morning. She shivered and snuggled back under the covers after peeking at the alarm clock. She didn’t hear anything from next door, so she figured Spencer still slept.

She woke again an hour later when she heard a soft knock on her door. She sat upright and answered, “Yes?”

“You up?”

Kate couldn’t believe the strength she heard in Spencer’s voice. Was that really him at her door or someone else? She pulled the blankets up around her, before saying, “You can come in.”

The door slowly swung open and Spencer stuck his head in. “What are you still doing in bed, sleepyhead?”

“What? Why? Do we have somewhere to go?”

“No, not really. Just checking on you.” Seeing her astonished look, he gave her one of his characteristic grins. “Told you I’d be better.”

“You weren’t kidding. Did you get the car uncovered and cell phones working, too?”

“I’m good, but that not good. I’ve had my quiet time, and I’m starving. Ready for breakfast?”

Quiet time? What was that? Aloud, she said, “Give me a few minutes.”

“Sure.” He closed her door and she slid out of bed, grateful at least that Spencer wasn’t dying after all. One less thing to worry about. She opened her curtains and immediately felt like closing them again. A white wonderland and blowing snow was all she could see for miles. The shapes under all the snow barely resembled the cars parked out there.

She quickly got dressed and walked into Spencer’s room.

“What did you mean by quiet time?” Kate held her shoes in one hand and a hairbrush in the other.

“Oh, I mean I’ve read a portion of the Bible- there’s one in the drawer- and said my prayers for the day.”

Kate dropped her shoes on the floor so she could sit on the chair and tie them. This sounded like something she needed to learn more about. “Well, what part do you read and what do you pray about?” Kate bent down to tie her shoes.

Spencer leaned on the dresser. “Right now I’m reading through the book of Psalms. Reading about David’s praise one moment and questioning God the next. He seems to go back and forth like we humans tend to do today.”

“I need to read that book. Except, I’m questioning more than praising, for sure.”

“It will come. Baby steps.”

“I hope so. Cause this whole parenting thing and homeschooling thing has got me in a tizzy.”

“Let’s go eat; we can talk more over waffles.”

Kate followed him out the door wondering how Spencer could put away so much food and about the miracle that he felt better.


Until next time,



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