Kate and Spencer Eat Breakfast

Kate and Spencer sat down with waffles, eggs and juice in the cracker box sized eating area. Apparently they were the only guests hungry at the moment. Spencer said a brief prayer of thanks for their food and electricity which made Kate smile. After a few bites of her waffle Kate asked, “You go to church, right?” When Spencer nodded, she asked, “Which one?”

“Sometimes the chapel on base, depending on my schedule that week. But if Mrs. Pettigrew needs a ride, I take her and attend hers. She goes to Community Bible.”

Kate nodded. “Could I go with you sometime? Actually, make that we?”

Spencer put down his fork and wiped his mouth. “Absolutely. Let me know when you’re ready.”

“I don’t know when that will be.” Kate pushed her plate away, suddenly feeling full.

“I understand. Get Sarah settled and get into some sort of routine. We’ll all go together.” Spencer put his hand on Kate’s arm and gave her a soft squeeze.


They finished their juice and coffee while talking. Kate tried her cell phone again, but with no luck. “I wish I could get a hold of the orphanage. But they no doubt know about this ridiculous weather that we’re in the middle of.”

“I’m sure they do. Don’t worry.”

But that’s all Kate seemed to do lately was worry.


Until next time,


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