Kate and Spencer Finally Leave Kansas City Behind

“I don’t know about you, but I’m delighted to leave that hotel behind us.” Spencer drove them toward Iowa on I-29. They were headed to a small town north of Sioux City.

“I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to leave a place so badly,” Kate agreed. The day was cloudy and so breezy she was glad Spencer kept them in their lane against the strong north wind. But even so, it wasn’t nearly as awful as the blizzard that forced them to stop a few days ago.

“In a few hours we’ll be at the children’s home. Are you ready?”

“Not in the least. But I wouldn’t be a hundred years from now, either.”

“You’ll do fine, Kate. I know you will.”

“Thanks. No turning back now, especially over the horror of the last few days.”

“No kidding. You want to stop for a waffle, eggs and sausage?” Spencer asked before giving Kate a big grin.

“If I don’t see that exact breakfast again for twenty years, it wouldn’t be long enough.”

Spencer laughed, “Ditto.”

Kate pulled out one of her magazines and scanned an article or two. She didn’t really feel like reading, but she didn’t feel like talking with Spencer, either. Her mind was in a whirlwind and she had a hard time focusing on anything. She stared out the window, seeing less and less cold white stuff, which was a relief.

Spencer’s radio was set to a country music station, but she tried tuning it out. She wanted to change it to a classical station for Sarah’s brain development, but didn’t know how to ask him to change it once they were on their way home. And she wanted to eat something healthier than fast food, too. There were so many things that were going to change in her life, she wasn’t sure she could keep up with them all.

How would Spencer react to these things, if she even had the nerve to ask? She already felt indebted to him for all he’s done so far, how could she make these requests now? Her head and heart were in such turmoil, she almost felt nauseous.

She decided to take a nap. Spencer seemed to have the driving under control anyway.


This concludes Chapter 6!  Thanks so much for reading!

Until next time,


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