Spencer Meets Sarah

Kate walked back to the lobby area with Sarah toddling alongside her, holding her puppy. Kate noticed Spencer tapping a magazine on his leg. Kate wondered if he was nervous. But why would he be the nervous one? Wasn’t she nervous enough for both of them? Spencer stood up as soon as he spotted them. Kate looked down at Sarah and said, “Sarah, honey, this man is Spencer, a friend of mine and he came with me to get you. We live in a different town.” Kate looked up at Spencer, who was staring at Sarah. “We’re going to stay here for a day or two until we go back to where we live.” Her voice wobbled as she spoke.

Spencer took his eyes off Sarah and whispered to Kate, “She looks so much like John. Are you ok?”

Kate tried not to burst into tears. She felt so jittery from the stress of the last few days. She just swallowed and nodded. “Um, we’re just waiting for her things. Can you take her? I’m going to use the restroom.”

“Sure. Take your time.” Spencer sat down with Sarah beside him.

“Sarah, I’ll be right back, ok?” Kate bent down to Sarah’s level and spoke to her at eye level.

The little girl simply nodded. They started to chat about her puppy. While Kate was gone, Spencer worried about Kate and this latest development. He didn’t think either of them had considered what Sarah would look like.  How would she handle things with a constant reminder of John every time Kate looked at Sarah? He said a quick prayer for Kate who was having an emotional moment.

A few minutes after Kate came back and sat on the other side of Sarah, a tall woman with red hair and green eyes entered the lobby holding several items, including a pink car seat and a pink diaper bag. Kate assumed this was Judy, with Sarah’s things.

Kate and Spencer both jumped up to help her unload her burdens. “You must be Kate?” Judy asked.

“Yes. You must be Judy.” Kate set down a package of diapers and the diaper bag and shook hands with Judy. Kate introduced her to Spencer. Then Judy pulled out a file folder and sat down with Kate and went over what was inside.

Kate took a deep breath and remained calm on the outside while listening to Judy talk about shots, meal schedules, nap times, etc. When they finished, Judy closed the file and handed it to Kate. Then Judy had Spencer show her where the car was and showed him how to install the car seat while Kate waited indoors with Sarah.

When Judy came back in, she bent down in front of Sarah, and said, “You’ll like your new family. Can I get a goodbye hug?”

Sarah nodded and slid off her chair. She didn’t let go of her puppy but let Judy hug her. “You take care of Bo-bo, all right?”

Sarah nodded, looking a little nervous. Kate told Judy thank you and she left them. Kate picked up Sarah and walked out the door to the car where Spencer had it warming up for them. Here goes nothing.


Until next time,


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