Spencer Reflects on the Evening

Spencer flicked on the TV in the room just for noise before he unpacked a few things for the night. He thought about the conversation earlier with Kate and wondered about the impulsive comment he made about her being adorable. It just came out. He hadn’t planned to say anything like that, so why did he? Too late now.

On further thought, maybe he said it because he was free to do so. He knew Kate wasn’t ready for any new relationship, and didn’t expect her to be. But because he was fond of her and John was gone, apparently his self-conscious let his tongue loose. He would have to watch himself.

After a quick shower he pulled on sweatpants and an old Air Force t-shirt then sat on the bed with the Bible from the nightstand drawer. Kate still had his personal Bible and he was reluctant to ask for it back, hopeful she was reading it.

Spencer read a few chapters of Psalms, picking up where he was in his own Bible. He couldn’t take notes in this one, but he’d try to remember what he wanted to note in his own when he got it back. He put the book away and thought about Kate. He hoped she wouldn’t go overboard about trying to do everything perfect for Sarah. Yes, there were good things to do in parenting, but one could go overboard so easily. He prayed Kate would find the right balance between being a perfect parent and a loving parent. He knew she had no experience and wanted to do her best. But being perfect at anything, especially parenting, was impossible. He also prayed for the rest of the trip to go well. He didn’t think any of them could handle much more.

He turned the TV volume up and found a major league baseball game between the Giants and the Cardinals. He rooted for the Redbirds and went to bed after the St. Louis team pulled from behind and won 5-4. Spencer took the win as a sign that the rest of the trip would go well. He certainly hoped so.


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