Bath Before Breakfast and Beyond

When Kate woke up, Sarah still slept beside her, a relief that she didn’t roll around much. Kate smiled at the soft snore coming from her little girl. Kate slipped out of bed and took a world-record shower, not knowing how much longer Sarah would sleep. From her suitcase, Kate pulled out clean clothes all the while keeping her eye on Sarah until Kate was completely ready for her shower; water running, towels out, etc. She left the bathroom door ajar in case Sarah got up and wondered where Kate was. One world-record shower later, Kate dressed in the steamy bathroom.

Seeing she was still asleep, Kate pulled out clean clothes for Sarah as well. She thought it might be a good idea to give her a bath before they left. She pulled out a diaper and wipes, setting them on the bed next to the outfit she found for Sarah.

“Sarah, honey, time to get up.” Kate leaned over the little girl and shook her shoulder lightly. “Honey, are you awake?”

Kate sat on the bed and rubbed Sarah’s back. Finally, Sarah stirred. “Are you ready to get up?”

Sarah stared at Kate, and glanced around the room. “Are you ok?” Kate tilted her head, waiting for some indication or response. Slowly, Sarah sat up, holding Bo Bo tight. She rubbed sleep from her eyes with the back of one hand.

“How about a quick bath before breakfast? Are you hungry?”

Sara nodded. “Ok, let’s get you out of your dirty diaper.” Kate scooped up Sarah and set her on the other end of the bed. “Hold on, ok? I’ll get the water going in the bathtub.” Kate ran water in the bathroom and tested the temperature. It was lukewarm, just right.

Once they were both dressed and Kate had blown dry her hair for a minute, Kate called Spencer’s room and asked if he was ready. They would meet in the breakfast area in five minutes.

Kate rinsed out Sarah’s cup, in the bathroom sink with the water as hot as she could get it since she obviously had no dish soap. Then she added fresh diapers to the diaper bag and refilled the wipes container from a bigger package. Kate consolidated everything else and repacked their bags, leaving them by the door.


Until next time,



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