Breakfast for Three

“Good morning, ladies,” Spencer greeted Kate and Sarah from a table with a high chair already pulled up to it. He wore his striped knit shirt out and faded jeans. And shaved his whiskers.

“Morning.” Kate leaned down to Sarah and asked if she could say good morning or hello to Spencer. She shook her head. Kate picked her up and set her in the chair, pulling on a bib from the diaper bag. “Sorry, she’s a woman of few words this morning. Hasn’t said one at all even to me.”

“That’s ok. What do you think she’d like?”

“Good question.” Kate looked over at the counter where the food sat. “How about some scrambled eggs, a muffin and juice-diluted?”

“Coming right up.” Spencer left their table to get Sarah’s breakfast, which Kate appreciated. She herself didn’t want much, just hot coffee. She sat in the chair next to Sarah and patted her hand. “Are you ok?”

Sarah looked around bewildered, but didn’t answer. She sort of shrugged her shoulders half-heartedly.

“Here we go, one egg and muffin special. With half and half juice.” Spencer set the dishes down with a flourish like an Italian chef. Kate grinned. “Thanks, Spencer.”

He nodded and slid in his chair.

Kate found Sarah some silverware and left it on the plate, turning it around for Sarah to reach. But Sarah picked her cup up first and took a long swallow.

“She’s thirsty at least,” Kate commented. “Have you eaten?” she asked Spencer.

“A little. What would you like?”

“Coffee. A banana I guess.”

“That all?”

“I’m not very hungry.”

“Ok, coming right up.” Spencer got up to get Kate’s order, wondering if she was feeling alright. He poured her a cup of coffee and grabbed a banana from the tower of fruit and grabbed an orange for himself.

Sarah picked at her breakfast, but did eat some. And Kate shared her banana with her, which she seemed to like. Kate grabbed another banana for Sarah’s snack later. At least it was healthy.

Spencer and Kate discussed the route home, and were relieved to learn from the TV in the dining area that nothing near the weather they experienced early in the journey was in the forecast any time soon. The trip should go well.


Until next time,


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