Confession and Apology

Dear Readers,

I am sorry for not posting in so long.  It was my intention to post some things related to writing, and about the books in my stack.  But I came down with the Crud, which is an awful bad cold with fever, chills, loss of appetite, etc.  Here in the US, the doctors are saying it takes an average Three Weeks to get over it completely.  Thus, the silence here at Heir Force.  Now I am woefully behind on all things Christmas.  I am trying to catch up.

Be reassured that Kate, Spencer, and Sarah are well and will return in January.

Thanks for the follows, comments and spreading the word about HeirForce.

Until next time,


A Quick Stop

Now back in Missouri, Spencer pulled off the highway and into a gas station. Kate woke up and asked, “Where are we?”

“Still a few hours northwest of St. Louis. Do you need anything?”

After a yawn and a stretch, she answered, “I need to use the restroom and check Sarah’s diaper.”

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Driving Home

A short time later Kate sat with Sarah in the lobby while Spencer loaded the car. Kate pulled Sarah’s coat around her and zipped it up. The weather was still cooler for this time of year but at least it wasn’t snowing. The sun shone through scattered clouds, but did little to warm the temperature.

They should arrive a couple hours past dinner this evening after stops for meals and diaper changes. Kate double checked the diaper bag for necessities. She didn’t like using the changing tables in public places, not knowing how sanitary they were or weren’t. But she had no choice.

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