An Heir Force Recap

As promised, here’s a short recap of Heir Force. We first meet John and Kate who are both active duty and dating each other. But John has a secret and gets killed overseas without telling Kate what it is. Spencer, a friend of both John and Kate, knows this secret and wished John had shared it with Kate prior to his death.

Then Kate learns the secret, which concerns John and his little girl he wasn’t aware of until she was over a year old. The Red Cross had to track down John at the time, and he flew home for a paternity test after his one night of indiscretion that he regrets. But he fulfills his duty and sends child support to the mother and gets a few pictures as she grows. He visits his daughter between station moves as he is able. Then the mother gets sick with an aggressive cancer. John, in his last updated will before leaving for overseas, wills his daughter to Kate, if he and the mother of the little girl both die.

Soon after John’s death, Kate finds out she is now going to be a mother, the last thing on earth she ever planned on being. Her own mother deserted her when she was eight, and she has never forgiven her for it. Kate doesn’t even know if her mother is dead or alive. Kate gets angry at Spencer, because he knew the secret and didn’t tell her. But, to his defense, it wasn’t his secret to share and he did try to convince John to share it more than once.

To complicate things further, Spencer had liked Kate before she and John hooked up. But Kate made her choice, and Spencer retreated to the background, although the three remained good friends. With John gone, Spencer is having a hard time keeping his feelings to himself. And he has the good sense to know that Kate is grieving and needs time and space.

Now, Kate and Spencer are on a journey to pick up the daughter, Sarah, and bring her home to live with Kate. She’s a little frazzled, as one could imagine for someone who didn’t want to be a mother and now becomes one almost overnight.

We pick up the story in the next post where the three travelers arrive back home where Kate and Spencer live near Scott Air Force Base, Illinois.

Until next time,



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