Sarah’s First Night with Kate

“Mommy? He my daddy?” Sarah pointed at Spencer standing in the kitchen with Kate.

Kate and Spencer quickly pulled apart and Spencer started to say, “Not yet–”

Kate quickly wiped her wet eyes. “No, honey, he’s a good friend of your daddy. Do you remember him?” Kate knelt down to her level and pulled her close. Just then the words Spencer uttered dawned on her. She picked up Sarah and looked at Spencer. “What did you say?”


“Just now when she asked if you were her daddy?”

“Oh, nothing.” He headed to the living room. Kate was right behind him.

“Do we need to talk?”

“Who us?” Spencer sat down on the sofa and picked up the book Are You My Mother? Kate held Sarah on her lap and sat down right beside him, close. She watched Sarah reach for a book, but she looked like she was fading.   She turned to Spencer, “Yeah, us.”

“Not now. Maybe some other time.” Spencer shouldn’t have said anything; he was afraid Kate might get irritated with him.

“I have a little girl to put to bed.”

Spencer took the out. Didn’t have to tell him twice. “Right. I’ll get those drinks from the kitchen.” He turned to Sarah, bent down and said, “Sleep tight.”

Sarah simply nodded.

While Spencer was finding whatever she had available for them to drink, Kate found Sarah’s cup from the diaper bag and filled it with water from the bathroom. Then she pulled out pajamas from the bag the orphanage had sent with them. Later Kate would have to sort through it and see what all was included and what she might have to add.

Kate took the diaper bag to the bedroom and Sarah followed. “I’ll make you a little bed on the floor next to mine, how is that?”

Sarah nodded again, almost asleep. Kate put down some blankets and a small pillow she had picked up and made a simple pallet on the floor. She changed Sarah’s diaper, put her in pink pajamas and laid her down. She was out in minutes, hugging her puppy.

“Will she sleep well here?” Spencer asked. He sat on the sofa with two glasses of sparkling water on the coffee table.

“She’s already out.” Kate plopped on the sofa next to him. She was really tired. She took a couple sips of her water.

“Would you like me to run to the store and get you a few things so you don’t have to take Sarah?”

Normally Kate would balk at the idea, but she already felt out of her league and nearly exhausted. Kate yawned and replied, “That would be great. I’ll make you a list.” She found a tablet from the kitchen and wrote down her short list of milk, eggs, cereal, bread and peanut butter. She tore it off and handed it to Spencer. Then she reached for her suitcase. “Do you mind if I go to bed?”

“Not at all, I’ll just let myself out when I get back. You look pretty wiped. Are you sure you’re okay?”

“No, but I’m too tired to think about it. See you tomorrow.” She dragged her bag behind her and shut her bedroom door. She was in bed in minutes with Buttons beside her and fell asleep as quickly as Sarah.


Until next time,


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