Spencer Shops for Kate

Spencer left with the list in his hand and drove to the nearest grocery store. After noticing what little Kate had in her refrigerator, which was understandable after a trip, he added some things to the list. He was grateful Kate hadn’t dwelt on his earlier comment. He wished he could retract it, but it was too late now. He would really have to watch himself over the next few weeks. He pushed the cart toward the dairy and got the milk and eggs and turned toward the floral department. He added a small bouquet of daisies.

When Spencer returned to her place, he brought in the groceries and put the cold items away. He found a vase above the refrigerator and filled it with water for the flowers he bought impulsively then did his best arranging them. He set the vase on the counter with a short note on the tablet Kate used earlier.


Glad we made it home. Sleep well and talk to you soon. Enjoy the flowers.



Next he took Kate’s car keys off the rack by the door where she kept them and went out to install Sarah’s safety seat in Kate’s car. That was one less thing Kate would have to do. He returned the keys and locked the apartment door with his key wondering if the two tired girls were coming down with something.

He drove home, unpacked and watched TV for a while, not really paying attention to what was on. He plugged in his cell phone, took a quick shower and got ready for bed. Kate still had his Bible, so he found another older one and read a chapter of that. Then he prayed for wisdom for Kate and himself. He fell asleep soon after.


This concludes the end of chapter 8!

Until next time,


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