Spencer Calls Kate

The next morning, Kate still felt tired. She walked out to the kitchen and saw bags of groceries on the counter. Bless that man, Kate thought. In addition to the bags, there were some lovely flowers in a pitcher. The sight didn’t surprise her as much as it should. She took a quick sniff before the phone rang.

“Good morning, how are you two?” Spencer asked.

“I’m still tired, and she’s still asleep.” Kate yawned before adding, “And thanks for the groceries. What do I owe you? I haven’t found the receipt yet.” She glanced around the bags and inside them for the little white paper.

“I know the trip didn’t go as you planned, so don’t worry about it.”

“And the flowers are lovely, thanks. I owe you one.” Holding the phone on her shoulder, she put away boxes of macaroni and cheese, and packages of single serve apple sauce, both presumably for Sarah.

“Already paid.”

Kate leaned on the counter, holding an empty sack. “Don’t start that again.”

“Start what again? It was only a few bucks; I don’t see the big deal.”

Kate yawned yet again, before she could reply. “I’m too tired to argue. I feel like I need to go back to bed. And I should check on Sarah first. She should be awake by now.” She turned her head toward the hall as if she could hear Sarah stirring.

“Why don’t I pick up some muffins or something and watch Sarah since you’re so tired. I can even put the rest of the groceries away I left last night.” Spencer tried to keep concern out of his voice, but wasn’t sure Kate noted it or not.

Kate grunted a “Sure,” and hung up.

Kate was too tired to even make coffee. She checked Button’s bowls, saw they were filled so padded back to the bedroom in her slippers. She put the back of her hand on Sarah’s forehead which felt a little warm but not alarmingly so. She kicked off her house shoes, wiggled out of her robe, tossing it to the end of the bed, and crawled back under the covers, thinking Spencer could let himself in and do whatever he liked.


Until next time,


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