Spencer Checks on the Girls

Spencer was surprised at Kate’s abrupt hang up and was more concerned than when he first called. He was already dressed and had eaten a bagel with juice purchased the night before along with Kate’s groceries. He slid his feet into his shoes, grabbed his keys and drove straight to the nearest store. Spencer picked up muffins, chicken noodle soup, and children’s Tylenol in case Kate didn’t have any on hand yet.

On the short drive to Kate’s, he wondered if it was possible that Kate and Sarah might be sick. He wasn’t sure if it was anything more than a cold, but Kate certainly didn’t sound normal on the phone. And she certainly gave in way too easily when she agreed to let him come over.

Spencer let himself in with his key when Kate didn’t answer the door. He thought maybe Kate had been in the laundry room or something. Buttons came running over, his tail wagging. “Hi Buddy, how ya doing?” Spencer whispered to the dog. He gave him a quick pat and searched for Kate when he saw that the blinds were all still closed and he heard no activity.

He found Kate in bed, in a deep sleep. He tore himself away from Kate’s direction to check on Sarah. She was still asleep but felt too warm. Spencer walked back out to the kitchen where he left his purchases on the counter. He opened the box of infant and children’s Tylenol, drawing the correct amount through the dropper and slipped into Sarah’s mouth when he sat her up.

Back in the hall bathroom in search of a wash cloth, Spencer tried not to remember that awful night in there with Kate. But seeing the addition of new hooded towels hanging up and the rubber ducks and sponge letters in the tub made him smile.

He found what he needed and placed a wet cloth across Sarah’s forehead. Then he lifted her to the bed on the other side of Kate and changed her diaper with the items he found sitting on Kate’s dresser.

Spencer laid Sarah back down, who hardly stirred and checked Kate again. He didn’t know if she had any adult Tylenol or not. He rummaged in her kitchen cupboards again. This was becoming a habit. He didn’t find any. He noted that some of the groceries had been unpacked but not all of them. He saw the sack with the Dove chocolates was still sitting on the counter. Rats, she hadn’t seen them then. Oh, well, time for those later. He was glad she liked the flowers.

He walked back to the hall bathroom to search in the medicine cabinet but didn’t find any Tylenol or anything else suitable for an adult with a fever.

All the while Buttons was running around Spencer’s feet, jumping on the bed and licking Kate and sniffing at the stranger in the bedroom floor. Poor guy, he had no idea what was going on. Spencer let him out on the balcony to get some fresh air and to go potty. He’d have to take him for a walk later, when he had the girls figured out.


Until next time,


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