Spencer Calls Andrew

Now what? Spencer took out his cell phone from the holder on his belt and called his friend Andrew, the kind of guy that jumped at the opportunity to help anyone in need. A cool guy in Spencer’s book.

“Hey, are you busy? I need a favor.”

“Not really, just watching the playoffs. What’s up?”

“I’m at Kate’s and she and her new daughter are both burning up. I have children’s Tylenol here, but can’t find any for adults. Could you run to the BX and get me some and a vaporizer and I’ll pay you back.”

“Sure. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Anything else?”

Spencer thought for a minute. “Maybe some orange juice, broth and tea bags from the commissary.”

“Okay. Where does she live again?”

Spencer gave him directions and hung up. Andrew lived on base, so it wouldn’t take him too long to get here. Spencer checked on Kate again, and she was still hot and not responding. He found another wash cloth from the linen closet and soaked it with cold water from the hall bathroom. He laid it gently on Kate’s forehead. He wished he knew what he was dealing with.

Buttons barked at the patio door, so Spencer let him back in. “Hey, buddy, you’re probably as confused as I am.” He picked up the dog and patted his head.

“How about a walk while we wait for my friend?” Buttons went crazy at the prospect, so he knew he had to follow through now. Spencer found the dog leash hanging from Kate’s key rack by the door and took Buttons a few rounds around the complex, waiting for Andrew.

The day was warm for October, but a light breeze blew. Leaves swirled around the complex fence and around their feet and paws on the walking trail. After three rings around the track, Spencer sat down on the building’s porch step with Buttons close by. The puppy wandered around the bushes as far as his leash would allow as he tried catching a grasshopper, which hopped away.

Spencer took no notice of the leaves in their fall colors. Instead he reflected on the awful blizzard just a short while ago. Near the base, the fall so far had been pretty normal, with no unusual weather like they’d had on their trip. The snow and winds hit further north of here and mostly rain fell in this area. Spencer was relieved it hadn’t been worse or lasted longer than it had. That was wild.

He watched Buttons walk around, sniffing under the bushes by the porch. Before calling Kate this morning, Spencer had been by the help desk to get all his leave and insurance paperwork done. That was a hurdle he was glad to be over and it went better than he thought. His first sergeant had been understanding.

As Spencer waited with Buttons, he wondered what the girls had come down with and hoped it wasn’t anything worse than the flu.

A few minutes later his friend pulled up. Spencer stood up and met Andrew at his car. Andrew got out with a couple plastic bags in each hand. “I got what you needed.”

“Thanks. I’ll take those. What do I owe you?” Spencer put one set of bags down to reach for his wallet.

“Don’t worry about it.” Andrew waved his hand, like it was no big deal. “What’s wrong, any idea?”

“Just the flu or something, I hope. I’ll take it from here.”

“Yeah, I better not come up. Let me know if there’s anything else you need.”

“Thanks, Andrew. See you tomorrow.”

“See ya,” Andrew waved before getting in his car. Spencer raced back up the stairs to Kate’s door. He let Buttons free, who immediately ran to the bedroom and jumped on the bed. Spencer winced. Nothing he could do about it though. He set up the vaporizer according to its directions and then got Kate to swallow some medicine. He checked on Sarah and found her a little cooler and still asleep. Then he made the orange juice and put it in the fridge.


Sorry for the delay in posting, readers.  I’ve been looking at Scrivener and messing around with that.  And I’ve just started helping my husband with research on scholarships and financial aid as he wants to change careers.  Focusing on writing right now has been tough.  Thanks for your patience and for reading HeirForce!

Until next time,



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