Spencer Returns to Work

The next morning, Spencer woke up, feeling bad about leaving Kate and Sarah the night before. But he felt it was the best course of action, though maybe not the one he wanted. Luckily it was Friday and he could help Kate with Sarah over the weekend as much as she would let him. He did some stretches in his room before showering and dressing in his green and black uniform. His black boots always pinched his piggy toes, so he put them on at the last minute before each shift.

This morning, he had a stint at the Belleville gate, checking IDs of all those who drove on base. It was usually pretty boring, but everyone had to take a turn. He hoped Kate could manage until noon. On his lunch hour, he could check on her and Sarah.

After wrapping up his shift at the gate, Spencer returned to the Security Forces building and called Kate.

“How’s it going? You two feel any better?” he asked when she answered.

“Ok, I guess. Sarah still has a fever, but she’s up more. I’m just tired.”

Spencer thought Kate sounded a little better, but her voice was still nasally. “Can I get you guys anything? I’m on my lunch break.”

“Not really…actually some more orange juice would be great. And dog food for Buttons. It’s running low.”

“Sure, what kind?”

“Whatever’s on sale, he’s not picky.”

“Ok, I’ll stop at the commissary on my way over and see you in a bit. Had lunch?”

“We did; thanks.”

They hung up and Spencer left for the items at the store and was at Kate’s a few minutes later. Kate put the items away and thanked Spencer.

“You’re welcome.” Sarah came into the kitchen to see what they were doing and Spencer said hi to her. “Feeling better?”

Sarah nodded. “I sleeped good and readed some books.”

“Good, glad to hear it.”

Kate yawned, and Spencer suggested she lay down while he ate his deli sandwich and kept an eye on Sarah. “Ok, then she’ll go down for a nap, so we should be fine for a while.”

“Come on, Sarah, let’s read some of those books. Want a bite of my sandwich?”

Kate returned to her room and slid back into bed. Buttons jumped on the foot of the bed and curled into a ball. A minute later Kate was out.

While Kate napped, Spencer read books to Sarah and then refilled Button’s food container Kate used and refilled his water bowl. Then he changed Sarah’s diaper, put her down on her bed and left the girls sleeping.

He’d be back in a few hours to see how they were faring.


Until next time,


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