Spencer Chats with Mrs. Pettigrew

Later after a slow afternoon of driving around the base and the flight line, Spencer drove home and changed out of his uniform. He slipped on a pair of sweats and old Tennessee t-shirt. He packed a bag in case he had to stay. As he was heading back to his car, he saw Mrs. Pettigrew strolling to her mailbox with letters in her hand. She wore a red cardigan and tan slacks.

“Hi, young man. Glad to see you made it home.”

“Hi, Mrs. P. Yep, we made it through the blizzard and all in one piece.”

“I prayed for you when I heard about that freak storm.” Mrs. P shut her mailbox and ambled her walker to the sidewalk between their driveways.

“We sure do appreciate it. That wasn’t the only storm we had, but that’s another story. Everything good here?”

“Nothing out of the ordinary. How’s the little girl adjusting?” Mrs. P tucked a stray curl behind her ear.

“Sarah? She and Kate both have a cold or flu bug. Nothing serious but they’re sleeping a lot.”

“That’s too bad.” Mrs. P took in Spencer’s overnight bag without comment. “I’ll pray for them to get well.”

“Thanks. I’m going to fix them some chicken soup unless Kate is doing better.”

“Sounds good. Nothing like it for what ails a person.”

Spencer leaned on his car door. “How’s the hip?”

“Stronger every day. The doctor says I can leave this contraption,” she lifted her walker and put it down again, “in another week or so. I’m glad to get rid of it before winter sets in.”

“Definitely. Let me know when you want your outdoor chores done. I haven’t had any cookies lately.” He loved to tease her.

“Now that I think about it, it is almost time for weather stripping and trimming the roses and butterfly bushes.” She looked around her yard before adding, “Next week perhaps?”

“You got it.” Spencer waved and got in his car.

Mrs. P waved him on and headed back to her place.

Spencer thought about the yummy cookies he could eat next week while he drove to Kate’s.


Until next time,


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