Spencer Works for Mrs. Pettigrew

The next morning was sunny and it was supposed to be in the mid-fifties. For October, it was great weather to get things done outside. Spencer figured the girls would be ok for a while, so he checked with Mrs. Pettigrew on getting started on her projects. He thought it would be a good day for it and wanted to take advantage of the warmer temperatures.

After a quick breakfast of cereal he walked next door. Mrs. Pettigrew was always up with the birds. A few minutes later, Spencer had her husband’s loppers in his hands, making his way around the perimeter of her house. He trimmed four butterfly bushes; one with pink flowers, one with purple and two with blue. And three rose bushes; two pink, one red. He gathered up all the scraps and dumped them in the compost bin Mrs. P kept next to the garage. He hung up the loppers on the peg and pulled out her mower.

When the small yard was cut, he returned the mower and grabbed the rake. After adding the grass clippings to the compost bin, he hung up the rake and knocked on Mrs. P’s door.

“Done already?” Mrs. Pettigrew gave Spencer a wide smile. “Wipe your shoes off, young man and come on in. I’ve just taken the first cookie sheet out of the oven.”

Spencer actually left his shoes on the porch and made sure he didn’t have any loose grass on his sweat pants. He stepped in to the house and the scent of cinnamon and sugar tantalized his nose. “Mmm. They smell great.”

He walked through a living room with a piano on one wall and a cuckoo clock hanging above it. Across the piano sat photo frames of different sizes and colors displaying pictures of Mrs. Pettigrew’s family. Spencer followed his nose and walked through to the kitchen.

“Sit yourself down. You’re lucky I had enough eggs. Otherwise you would’ve made a quick trip to the store first.” She winked at him and set a plate down on the table.

“I sure would have if you needed me to. Anything to keep those cookies coming.” He washed his hands at her kitchen sink before sitting down. He grabbed two cookies and bit into one. “Ah..now I can keep going.”

“Have as many as you need. I don’t want to deplete all your energy, you know.”

“No danger of that. I’ll have another or two and then check your windows.”

“That’s wonderful. The plastic and other supplies are sitting on the workbench in the garage.”

“Got it. Thanks for baking on such short notice.”

“I’m glad you asked. The weather was perfect for it; I’m grateful it worked out.” She took a cookie for herself and dipped it into her coffee before taking a bite. “So, how are Kate and Sarah doing now?”

“Getting better I think. I did make the soup last night and gave you credit for the recipe.” At his comment, Mrs. P gave him a smile.

“That’s good to hear. Probably one of the many viruses going around. With the weather going up and down, it’s no small wonder. I’m sure it will be cold soon enough.”

“Hopefully not as bad as last winter.”

“Right,” she agreed. “That one was pretty bad.” In one snowfall, the area had received fifteen inches of snow, which was abnormal. A couple inches at a time was what normally fell in the Metro East. The last few years the area got more ice than snow, which didn’t sit well with the residents.

Spencer finished his last cookie and said, “Thanks, Mrs. P. I’ll do the windows and then check on Kate.”

“That will be fine, Spencer. Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll say goodbye before I leave.”

She nodded and picked up the nearly empty plate. She would bag up more of the goodies for him to take to Kate and her new little girl. Otherwise she didn’t know what to do with them.


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