Kate Catches Up

While Spencer worked for his neighbor, Kate turned on her cell phone after finding it in her purse. She had to charge it before she could play messages or read her texts. Most of her friends called her on her cell rather than the apartment phone. She let Buttons out on the patio and fixed Sarah a bowl of sliced fruit and milk. She made herself some toast and coffee.

She returned a call to both Jen and Kelly while Sarah watched one of the videos Kate had purchased before the trip. Jen already knew about most of the trip, but she filled Kelly in on all that had happened. Kelly said she couldn’t wait to meet Sarah. Kate mentioned it would be a few days, after they were over their colds.

Kate had bought only a few videos for Sarah, not wanting her to watch too much television. Kate didn’t want it to become an automatic babysitter like so many parents she knew had done. But since they were both under the weather, and didn’t have their normal energy, she was already regretting the amount Sarah was watching. With the movie last night on TV, and now the video, it was more than Kate preferred she watch. She sighed as she straightened the living room. Already failing at this parenting thing.

She went to the bedroom to start sorting the laundry. She knew Spencer would be by sometime, but didn’t know what time specifically. She wished she could shower, but didn’t want to leave Sarah alone.

Kate felt much better and now felt like cleaning and getting organized. Sarah’s things were everywhere, because as soon as they returned from picking her up in Iowa, she and Kate had come down with whatever bug they had.

Kate phoned Spencer, but had to leave a message. She continued to put things away while she waited for him to arrive. The rest of the groceries he bought were still sitting on the counter, so she put them away in the pantry. A bag of chocolates were included, but she couldn’t remember asking for them. She added them to her snack cupboard with a shrug.

She cleaned out the diaper bag, adding fresh diapers and wipes. She placed it by the door for the next time they had to go somewhere. Then she put dirty sippy cups and coffee mugs in the dishwasher. She started going through the mail pile that Jen had left for her when she stayed with Buttons. The trip seemed like months ago instead of days. Most of the mail she dropped into her recycle bin under the sink after ripping most envelopes in half. The bills she added to the organizer on the counter.

Kate felt like she was making progress. She pulled the blankets off the sofa to add them to her laundry pile and pulled out the vacuum. “Sarah, can you sit up on the couch for me so I can vacuum the floor?” Her video was over and she had been reading her books.

Sarah nodded and complied. She pulled her puppy and pink blanket with her. “Thanks, this will only take a minute. It’s kind of noisy, ok?”

Sarah nodded and hugged her puppy tight. She watched Kate plug it in and turn the machine on. Kate made quick work of that task and then put the machine away. “That wasn’t too bad, was it?”

Sarah shook her head.

“Good. Now how about a bath?”

Sarah grinned. “I like bath.”

“Ok, let’s get you cleaned up and into some clean clothes. You’re feeling better aren’t you?”

She nodded again before they headed to the bedroom. “Me, too. It’s time to clean up this mess of an apartment.” Kate gave Sarah a bath, letting her play with the bath toys while Kate sat on the commode and flipped through a magazine.

A few minutes later, Kate opened the patio door a few inches for fresh air since it was warm enough. She gathered bathroom and kitchen trash, tying it up and placing it by the door. She swept the kitchen and bathroom floors and dusted in the bedroom and living room. Sarah was busy having a tea party with her puppy and a new doll Kate had for her.

Kate was relieved that Sarah seemed to like her new home and especially her. Not that Sarah had any say in the matter. So far, Sarah behaved well and was easy going. Maybe it was a good thing they had both been sick so they had more down time to adjust. Who knows.

Just then there was a knock on the door. It must be Spencer. Kate brushed her hair behind her ears and wished she could shower and actually get dressed. This certainly wasn’t the first time he’d see her in her robe. Oh, well. She opened the door to let him in.

“Wow, you’re looking better.”

“I feel better. I’m finally cleaning up after the trip. Come on in.” She shut the door and asked him if he wanted any coffee or tea.

“I’m good, thanks. I brought some of Mrs. P’s cookies.”

Kate eyed the plate. “Sounds like a perfect treat after straightening things. Thanks.” Kate took the plate and took it to the kitchen. She poured a fresh cup of coffee and sat down with a napkin of cookies. “Sure you don’t want anything?”

“I’m good. Had enough cookies earlier after doing some chores for Mrs. P.”

“Ah, keeping the help happy.”

“Yep. It works.”

Spencer sat down on the chair, opposite Kate. “Hi, Sarah. How are you?”

She gave Spencer a smile and said, “All better. I have bath.”

“Good. You look better, too, like your mommy.”

Kate didn’t agree, but didn’t let Spencer know that. “Speaking of looking better, would you mind if I took a quick shower while you sat with her?”

“Not at all. Have you started the laundry yet?”

“No..I guess I could throw a load in the washer first if one’s free. I’ll be right back.”

“Take your time. I’m going to have tea with a puppy and a doll.”

Kate grinned. “Have fun.” She quickly disappeared down the hall. She came back with an overflowing basket, a bottle of laundry soap and a small coin purse. “Sarah, I’m going to throw some clothes in the machine, I’ll be back in a minute, ok?”

Sarah looked up briefly and said, “Ok, Mommy. I be here with Mr. Daddy.”

Kate and Spencer exchanged another look. Kate would have to straighten her out later. “Ok.” Kate left the room and Spencer sipped his ‘tea’.


Until next time,


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