Spencer Returns to Work

The next morning, Spencer woke up, feeling bad about leaving Kate and Sarah the night before. But he felt it was the best course of action, though maybe not the one he wanted. Luckily it was Friday and he could help Kate with Sarah over the weekend as much as she would let him. He did some stretches in his room before showering and dressing in his green and black uniform. His black boots always pinched his piggy toes, so he put them on at the last minute before each shift.

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Spencer Gives Kate the Phone Message

Kate and Spencer stayed up late talking after Sarah went to bed. Kate sipped hot tea with lemon and honey. She stopped their conversation every few minutes to blow her nose. Since she had slept most of the day, she wasn’t ready to go to bed yet. But her illness still made her weak and cranky. They were talking about caring for Sarah.

“I don’t even know if I can leave her up here when I do the laundry,” Kate gestured with her hand. “And how is she going to react when I have to drop her off at daycare? How do you pick out a daycare? And how did John’s parents get my number anyway?” Kate was on a roll.

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Spencer Cooks for the Girls

An hour later Spencer took out the baked macaroni. He found a jar of apple sauce in the refrigerator and took that out, setting it on the table. He hoped the girls could eat, his own stomach growled as the scent from the baking casserole taunted him for several minutes. He set the table for three and poured three waters before checking on his patients.

Sarah sat up in the bedroom playing quietly with her puppy. Spencer thought she looked unsure of what she could or couldn’t do in her new environment.

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