Kate and Sarah Thank Their Friends

Kate's Thank You cards

Kate’s Thank You cards


After lunch, Kate put Sarah down for her nap and took out thank you cards. She wrote a short note to each of her friends who attended the shower yesterday and left them on the table for Sarah to add her name. Might as well start manners early, Kate thought.

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Kate Searches for a Daycare

The next morning, Kate had to get started looking for a daycare for Sarah. Kate dreaded having to put her there, but what was a single mom supposed to do? Kate pulled up Google on her computer and typed in local daycares. She knew she wouldn’t need one until after the exercise at work next week. That Spencer. He volunteered to work a lousy shift just for her sake. She shook her head. What was she going to do with that man?

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A Surprise Adoption Shower

After her nap, Kate noticed her answering machine was blinking. She had a message from Mrs. Kern. Kate had a few minutes before her friends arrived, so she called her back.

They chatted for a minute about how they were doing, and then Mrs. Kern said, “We have to clean out John’s apartment and wanted to check with you to see if we could see Sarah while we’re in town.”

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Spencer Feels Like an Idiot

After an awkward walk back to Kate’s, Spencer helped Kate unload the stroller and lifted Sarah to her bed. “Thank you Spencer for the picnic. We all enjoyed it.”

“You’re welcome.” Spencer walked to the door. “See you later.” Maybe.

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A Temporary Pause

Sorry readers for not posting at all last week.  I got energized to work in my office and to get it reorganized and decluttered.  The Internet was down at our house one day, and another day I had a bad headache.  It just didn’t seem like I was ever going to get to HeirForce, which I obviously didn’t.

Yesterday, I realized I need to write a couple scenes before I can continue with posting anything in chapter 10.  So  I may need a few days to get my thoughts and direction figured out.  I only want to put my best out there.  Knowing that, I may not post until next week.  I also have been trying to figure out what other projects to work on to bring in some cash as I no longer have a steady book review gig.

Hopefully, I will be back here soon.  Thanks for the likes and follows!


Until next time,