The Picnic Ends

As soon as Kate realized she could love Spencer someday, her phone buzzed. She sat up and pulled it from the pocket of her pants. “Hi Jen.”

“Hey, what are you and Sarah up to?”

Kate looked over at Spencer who also sat up. The quiet mood was over. “We are actually over at the park right now.”

“Oh, isn’t it gorgeous? It’s a great day to be outdoors. Listen, Kelly and I wanted to know if we could come over in about an hour and meet Sarah. That ok?”

“Sure, that would be great.”

“Ok, see you then.” Kate disconnected the call and slid the phone back into her pocket. She turned to Spencer. “Jen and Kelly are coming over later to meet Sarah.”

Spencer nodded. “That’s good.” Kate couldn’t tell if he was sad, fine or playing it cool. Something seemed to happen a few minutes ago. Kate turned as Buttons jogged over and plopped down at her knees. “Sarah, I think you wore Buttons out. You look a little tired yourself.”

“I not tired. I fine.” Sarah crossed her arms and stuck out her chin.

Really, Kate thought. “Hmm. Perhaps we should head back.” Kate got up and stretched. If Jen hadn’t called, Kate could have fallen asleep herself. The fresh air and her conversation with Spencer and not being one-hundred percent yet made her tired. She hoped Spencer wasn’t disappointed at the abrupt end to their picnic, but Sarah did need a nap, even if just for an hour.

“I’m sorry to end our picnic, but Sarah should rest for a while before the girls come over.” Kate folded the blanket and Spencer packed the picnic food. Mrs. Pettigrew had packed enough for two armies.

“Just as well. I don’t want to wear out my welcome.” Kate turned away from the stroller where she was buckling Sarah in. Spencer held Button and rubbed his back.

“You’re always welcome, Spencer. You should know that.” Kate turned the stroller back toward the sidewalk. Sarah jabbered to the birds and squirrels in her sight.

Spencer shrugged and let Buttons down gently. He held his leash and followed the girls back to the apartment. Kate stopped to let another couple go past who were walking their cocker spaniel. Buttons went crazy for a minute, but Kate told him to hush. Kate was hoping that Sarah would fall asleep in the stroller during the short walk home. She was a heavy sleeper and Kate knew she could get her in her bed without waking her. Her jabbering seemed to slow down the further they walked.

Kate took one hand off the stroller and put it on Spencer’s arm but kept walking. “Listen, Spencer, I’m not mad at you. Please don’t think I don’t want you around anymore. I do. I just can’t love you right now. Ok?”

“Ok.” Spencer looked away toward the street.

Kate put her hand back onto the stroller. She wasn’t sure if it was ok, but she couldn’t do anything about it. She had to get used to this parenting thing and John being gone.


Until next time,



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