Spencer Feels Like an Idiot

After an awkward walk back to Kate’s, Spencer helped Kate unload the stroller and lifted Sarah to her bed. “Thank you Spencer for the picnic. We all enjoyed it.”

“You’re welcome.” Spencer walked to the door. “See you later.” Maybe.

He sprinted down the stairs feeling like a fool. He should have known better than to zoom in and try to be her hero as soon as John was dead. How stupid was that? And knowing her, she didn’t want a hero anyway.

To his credit though, he had been patient and honorable when John stole Kate’s heart. Spencer wished he had been more vocal then. It wasn’t as if he had any dibs on her. He certainly did not want John to die just to give him the opportunity to love Kate now. That was the last thing he wanted.

He drove away upset with himself and not sure how to proceed anymore with Kate, if at all. He powered his window down and drove around, not caring where he went. Kate said that he was welcome to hang around, but did she want him to, or was she just being polite? Did she still think he felt obligated? He sure hoped not. He had to get her to understand that he loved her and did not in any way feel like it was a burden to take care of her and Sarah. Perhaps he would send her some flowers from the base floral shop. It would be a start anyway.

While Spencer brooded and drove around town, Kate threw away the trash from their picnic and put their cups in the dishwasher. She made some lemonade and more ice tea. Then she stretched on the sofa with Buttons beside her. Her thoughts turned toward Spencer. Was loving him the right thing to do? Just because he liked her so long ago and John was gone? How did she know he was the one for her? What if there was someone out there she didn’t know anything about yet who might be the one for her?


Until next time,


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