Kate and Sarah Thank Their Friends

Kate's Thank You cards

Kate’s Thank You cards


After lunch, Kate put Sarah down for her nap and took out thank you cards. She wrote a short note to each of her friends who attended the shower yesterday and left them on the table for Sarah to add her name. Might as well start manners early, Kate thought.



Some of the gifts Kate and Sarah received at the surprise shower

Some of the gifts Kate and Sarah received at the surprise shower


That done, Kate pulled the gifts out and washed the items that Sarah could wear now. The others, she put aside to hang in their bedroom closet later. The coloring and activity things, she found a plastic tub for and stored it under the coffee table for easy access and clean up. She folded all the empty bags and the reusable tissue paper and stacked them in a neat pile to be added to her wrapping stash. The amount of pink wrappings would keep her supplied for years.

She called the base pediatrician’s office and explained she needed to bring her newly adopted daughter in for a well baby check and to meet the doctor. She made an appointment for Friday morning. Kate pulled out the medical records she had and planned to make copies for the appointment and keep the originals for herself.

When Sarah got up, Kate gave her a snack and showed her the thank you notes and her pen. “You can help me by making your name right here,” she pointed to the bottom of a card. “Ok?”

Sarah was eager to try and reached for the pen. Kate helped her ‘sign’ her name and then Kate slipped them into the proper envelopes. She showed Sarah how to lick them and close them. “It taste funny.” Sarah made a strange face after the first one she licked.

“They do, don’t they?” Kate agreed.

Buttons needed a walk and since the day was mild and sunny, she took Sarah and the dog for a walk around the complex. They deposited their cards in the mailbox first. “What that ‘mell?” Sarah asked after they got going.

Kate sniffed the air. “It smells like someone around here is grilling. Smells like chicken.” The aroma made her stomach grumble, even though she wasn’t hungry. “Do you like that smell?”

“Yeah, it ‘mells good.”

“I think so too.”

As they walked, Kate thought about how Sarah would adjust to a daycare situation. And she worried about the day she got orders to deploy or even to go on a TDY. What then? What would she do for her new little girl? Who could she trust to care for her that was close and didn’t take a plane ride to get to? A headache started to form and Kate abruptly turned back from the tennis courts and headed home.


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