Kate Searches for a Daycare

The next morning, Kate had to get started looking for a daycare for Sarah. Kate dreaded having to put her there, but what was a single mom supposed to do? Kate pulled up Google on her computer and typed in local daycares. She knew she wouldn’t need one until after the exercise at work next week. That Spencer. He volunteered to work a lousy shift just for her sake. She shook her head. What was she going to do with that man?

She called a few places, but most of them didn’t have any openings for two-year-olds. They had infant slots or for three-year-old and older. Go figure. Now what? She could try some home daycares, but they were listed at the Family Readiness Center on base. She checked their website for a listing.

No good. Her schedule changed every other week and she didn’t always know what it would be, with coworkers constantly rotating in and out of the country, or to other bases for training, etc. Frustrated, Kate closed out the site. This was harder than she thought. She’d have to ask around at work and see where others took their kids.


Until next time,



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