Spencer Calls

Parenting magazines and books Kate is reading

Parenting magazines and books Kate is reading


The next day, Kate and Sarah ate lunch in the dining room. Kate asked her new daughter all kinds of questions to learn what her favorite animal was and so on. Kate felt like she was a few days behind in their relationship since they had gotten sick as soon as they arrived home. So far, her favorite animal was a doggy, her favorite color was pink, and she loved coloring and reading books. At least they already had books in common. She seemed very grown up in a way and every much a child in others. Kate hoped they could be close.

Her friends all said that Sarah was adorable and Kate was blessed to have such a sweet daughter to raise and love. All Kate knew so far, was that Sarah was easy going most of the time. She wasn’t sure how old a child was before they started behaving in their dominant behavior-whether that be compliant, strong-willed or whatever. Kate kept her fingers crossed. So far, so good. Kate read more of her parenting books and magazines every night before bed. She was seriously doing on-the-job-training and didn’t want to screw it up.

They were nearly finished with their tuna sandwiches, when Kate’s phone rang. Spencer was calling again. “Hi, what’s up?”

“We’re having lunch. Tuna fish.”

“Yum. I know you wanted to get a bed for Sarah and someone left a flier on the break room table with an ad for Babies-R-We. They’re having a baby sale; furniture and stuff. Want to take a look?”

“Sounds good. Do you want to eat dinner here first?” It wasn’t any big deal to have Spencer over for dinner, since the three of them often ate together these days. The question popped out before she gave it any thought.

“Hmmm. I like that idea, but how about I take you two out?”

His answer took her by surprise. “Well…”

“It will be my treat.”

“What time?”

“Early, say around 4:30 or 5?”

“That would be great. I don’t want to keep Sarah out too late.”

“I’ll see you then.”

Kate hung up and sat back down to finish her lunch. “Spencer is taking us out for dinner tonight.”


“But right now it’s nap time.”

“No nap,” Sarah frowned at Kate.

“Yes, nap.”

“No nap!”

Kate looked at Sarah wondering what to do. “Finish your sandwich and then we can read a book before you lay down. Eat up.” Kate spoke in what she hoped was her ‘don’t mess with me’ voice. Sarah had perked up at the reading a book part. She seemed to give in and picked up her last bit of sandwich. “That’s a good girl. Maybe we can go to the library after your nap and get some books.”

“Bye bye?” Her eyes lit up.

“After your nap, yes.”

Kate was glad she could keep her calm and get her to lay down without too much of a fuss. She knew that sometimes kids were more terrible at three than two, and hoped this was not the case with Sarah. Only time would tell.


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