A Surprise Delivery

While Kate cleaned up their lunch mess, her doorbell rang. Buttons started barking and Kate shushed him so he wouldn’t wake Sarah. She opened the door to see a large flower arrangement obscuring the man behind it. “A Miss Langston?”


“Special delivery.” He thrust the vase toward her and pulled out a small clipboard and pen. “Sign here, please.”


Kate's flowers from Spencer

Kate’s flowers from Spencer Credit: Teleflora’s Cotton Candy Arrangement

She set the vase on the little table by the door and signed his slip. She closed the door and looked for a little card in the flowers. Pink carnations, fuchsia daisies, white babies breath and fern-like greenery sat in a clear vase. The flowers that Spencer had gotten with the groceries had since died. She was happy to have fresh ones to replace them. But who were these from?

She pulled out the card in the little envelope and read, ‘You’re going to be a great mom. Enjoy the flowers. Spencer.’

Touched by his thoughtful gesture, Kate wiped a tear from her eye before setting the fragrant bouquet on the entertainment center so neither child or animal could knock it over in their play.  She would have to thank him later.

Sarah had a great time at the base library after her nap. She looked all around the library with excitement. Kate took her to the children’s reading room where they pulled out some books about bears, balloons and monkeys. Kate looked at books for her and found two to check out.

They spent the rest of their afternoon enjoying their books until Spencer arrived.  He bent down to give Buttons his attention. Sarah was hiding behind Kate’s legs. “Hi, Sarah, how are you?” Spencer turned to her after putting the dog down.

“Fine,” she said softly. “I got books.”

“Books? Did you get some new ones?”

Sarah nodded.

“We went to the library today.” Kate told him.

Spencer stood up. “I like the library! They have lots of fun books, don’t they?”

Sarah nodded again, this time moving away from Kate. “I show you.”

“I’d love to see your books. Then we’re going to dinner. Are you hungry?” Spencer followed the little girl to the living room where Sarah had a stack of books on the table. After they looked through them, Kate locked Buttons in his kennel much to his annoyance and they left.

Settled in the car, Kate thanked Spencer for the flowers and said they weren’t necessary. “I know that. But I enjoyed getting them for you.”

Kate didn’t know what to say to that.  She swallowed, again remembering his thoughtfulness.  She was glad when he spoke again.

Spencer suggested an Italian place not far from the furniture store. “That sounds good,” Kate said. Kate turned to Sarah, “How about some spaghetti tonight?”

“Basghetti? I like it.”

“Good.” Spencer smiled at her version of the word.


Until next time,


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