Kate Returns to Work

Colorful mums

Colorful mums


Leaves fell all along the drive Kate took to work when she returned the first time since bringing Sarah home. Orange, maroon and gold leaves swirled from the oak and maple trees, and clusters of yellow and orange mums bloomed everywhere. When Kate and Sarah walked Buttons these days, they sometimes walked on a carpet of orange and brown leaves. The days were gradually getting cooler. And shorter.

When she arrived, Kelly and some of her other coworkers welcomed her back and she proudly showed them the few pictures of Sarah she had on her phone so far. Those who hadn’t been to the shower and the guys who were interested (not many) said she was cute.

“Thanks,” Kate said. She still had a hard time believing she was a mom and felt like it hadn’t quite sunk in yet. Except for getting daycare and taking Sarah to the doctor, it all seemed surreal still.

Today Kate had a hard time concentrating on her work, wondering constantly how Sarah was doing. And Mrs. P for that matter. Mrs. P told Kate she could call at anytime or stop by on her lunch break if she wanted.

At the end of that first week, Sarah seemed to enjoy being with Mrs. P and saw her as a kind, generous grandmother. Kate was just relieved things were going as well as they were. If there was anything negative about the arrangement, it was that Sarah was being a little spoiled by Mrs. P. But if that was the worst thing she could complain about, she wasn’t going to complain.

At least with her and Spencer’s different schedules, Mrs. P only watched Sarah a couple full days a week. Kate didn’t think that was so bad. And Spencer filled in the roll of dad almost perfectly. Perhaps maybe too perfectly.

On days when Spencer picked up Sarah they would go to Kate’s, walk Buttons, then play at the park on nice days; or read books, play Candy Land and color if it was chilly. Kate loved seeing them together. It caused her to really consider when she might be ready to get married.

Kate’s life had changed so much in such a short time, but she was going with the flow as best she could. Sarah was a treat and a darling little girl who loved to smile. She continued to call Spencer Mr. Daddy, which Kate and Spencer both found endearing.

Kate had a hard time wondering how she could be falling for Spencer so quickly after losing John. Did that mean she loved John less, did it mean she was cruel to John’s memory? Should she have gone with Spencer in the first place? There was so much about Spencer she loved; it was hard not to fall in love with him. She wasn’t sure why she didn’t see it before. The questions didn’t seem to have any answers and it confused her. Maybe it was because they spent so much time together.


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P.S.  This is the first post of chapter 11!  Wow!  I hope you are enjoying the story and if you have any questions or comments, please let me know!

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