Kate Married?

After putting Sarah down, Kate played with Buttons while the dishwasher ran its cycle. She aimlessly tossed the ball for him to chase. Her thoughts wandered down the road to think about what life might be like if she and Spencer were married. She only had six months left of active duty and now that she was a mom, she was pretty sure she wanted to get out. She could still use the educational benefits and as long as Spencer was active duty, they could still use the gym and shop at the commissary. And they would have health insurance for Sarah. That was a pretty important benefit.

Spencer had planned to retire from the Air Force when he first got in, but with all the cutbacks over the years, he wasn’t given that guarantee. He still had nine years left, but who knew.

Kate wondered if there were library programs for Sarah. They were probably during the day though. Kate then wondered if Sarah should go to preschool. So many things to think about that only a few months ago would never have crossed her radar.

Then she started thinking about the possibility of a wedding. If she were to pick a wedding day, when would that be? It made sense to wait until after her release from active duty, which was the end of next April.


April-Kate's month of freedom

April-Kate’s month of freedom


Perhaps a June wedding? She wondered if Spencer would propose since they’ve already discussed marriage a couple times. Now she wasn’t sure. She wasn’t a romantic per se, but she did like the idea of him getting down on one knee. The image made her smile.

She couldn’t take Buttons for his walk until Sarah woke up. In the meantime, she threw the ball until he tired of that game. Kate gave Buttons some fresh water in his bowl and then put the chicken on to boil so she could cut it up for the casserole later.


Until next time,


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