Spencer Considers their Relationship

When Kate had kissed him earlier, Spencer thought he’d died and gone to heaven. Her flowery shampoo and her soft lips almost did him in. As far as he was concerned, he could be her ‘southern devil’ all day long.  He would keep giving her flowers and other gifts and planned to get her a new robe for her birthday coming up.

He knew Kate was going through an emotional time with being at John’s apartment without him there. She would need some time and space to grieve in her own way. But that didn’t mean Spencer couldn’t love on her and continue giving her gifts.

Watching Sarah like he had been was quite enjoyable and he could see the three of them becoming a family so easily. He thought Kate was slowly coming around, maybe considering the idea more seriously lately. He would keep up his plan of wooing her heart and caring for Sarah. Both were easy and fun to do.

For now, he was helping John’s relatives pack up his place. Sarah chatted with Lauren and Judy like she’d known them all her life. Spencer thought it was comical. Sarah was ‘helping’ dust the empty kitchen cabinets.

Spencer hefted the sofa with Andrew’s help and got it on the truck along with the other furniture already loaded.

Back inside the apartment, Andrew pointed at Sarah, and asked Spencer, “Is she always this chatty?”

“With people she knows, yes.”

“Wow, she’s like the Energizer Bunny.” Andrew wiped his brow.

“Yep, at times she is. Other times, she’s quiet.”

“Man.” Andrew watched the little girl gesturing with her hands, all the while talking nonstop. He turned back to Spencer, “Well what’s next?”

They finished loading the truck and Andrew followed Spencer to the Airman’s Attic where they left everything. Spencer felt sadness as they had packed up John’s things, but kept up a strong front as best he could. Hearing Sarah chat with her aunt and grandma, helped keep their spirits up. Of course, little Sarah had no idea whose things they were packing up.

Lauren kept all of John’s scrapbooks and letters and Air Force stuff together in a box for Sarah to go through when she was older. She included some of his favorite books and games. Maybe someday Sarah would like them.


Until next time,


P.S.  The beginning chapters are always available by email, so let me know if you would like them.


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