Kate Celebrates her Birthday

birthday 001

The following weekend, Kate and Sarah and Spencer were invited to Mrs. P’s for dinner to celebrate Kate’s birthday. Sarah was ‘helping’ Mrs. P make her a cake. Kate was sure it would turn out delicious, despite the ‘help’ that her helper provided.

So, Kate looked forward to the night off from cooking more than the reason for it. She never celebrated her birthday much, since she had no family to spend it with and seemed to be in a new location every couple of years.

Spencer had seemed upbeat lately, and Kate wondered what he had up his sleeve. She never knew what he was up to.

At Mrs. P’s, the scent of oregano and Italian seasonings permeated the air. Kate took an appreciative sniff. “Smells fabulous in here,” Kate called toward the kitchen. She hadn’t quite got used to knocking and then coming in, but that’s what Mrs. P liked.

“Oh good, you’re here! Happy birthday!” Mrs. P gave Kate a quick hug before winking at Sarah. The little girl grinned back, as if they shared a secret.

“Toss your coats on my bed and come sit down at the table. I’m almost ready. Spencer said he’d be here in a few minutes.” She went back to her pots while Kate and Sarah left their coats in the bedroom.

Kate noticed balloons and streamers in the living room and kitchen and hoped Mrs. P didn’t go to a lot of trouble. “Everything looks so festive,” Kate said, settling Sarah into her chair at the table.

“Oh, good. I had some help and it’s been fun. What would you two like to drink?” She gave them several options and poured their drinks right as Spencer arrived. “Hello, anyone home?”

“We’re in here, Spencer,” Mrs. P hollered. She poked her head around the corner.

“Ah, it smells divine in here.” Spencer held several wrapped packages, much to Kate’s alarm. “I’ll be right back.” Kate felt uncomfortable and hoped the three of them didn’t go overboard. She told herself to remain calm and just be gracious.


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