Dinner Guests Arrive

They finished up their work and the doorbell rang. Kate went to the door. “Hi, Andrew, Matt, come on in.” They stepped in and commented the aromas were tantalizing. “Thanks, I’ll take your coats after you bring your goodies to the kitchen.”

“Look who’s here,” she said to Spencer.

“Hi guys, come on in.”

Andrew said, “She turning you into a pansie in here?”

“Hey, no grief to the chef’s assistant. Or no turkey for you, Turkey.”

Andrew grinned. “It looks good on you,” he said, stepping through to the fridge. “I’ll put these in here until we’re ready.”

“Thanks, Andrew.”

“Where do you want this?” Matt asked, holding his salad.

“How about on the table,” she answered, pointing.

“And the green bean casserole is in a slow cooker still in the car. I’ll run and get it.”

“There’s an outlet behind the canisters where you can plug it in.”

“I’ll be right back.”

Another guest knocked on the door, and Andrew hollered, “I’ll get it.”

Kate stirred the gravy and took the potatoes off to mash. She snatched a piece of turkey from the platter. “Hey, no picking.” Spencer pretended to poke her hand with the meat fork.

“The cook always gets special privileges.”

“Well, when you put it like that… here, have another,” he held a larger chunk of meat out for her. She turned around as Jen and Kelly came in holding their offerings. “We followed our noses,” Kelly said. “Smells great. Where would you like this?” Kate spoke around the turkey in her mouth and told them where to put their dishes and went back to attend to the gravy. “As soon as that platter is full of turkey and the gravy’s done we can eat.”

“Can I help?” Jen volunteered.

“You can stir the gravy while I finish mashing these then we can pour drinks in a minute. Kelly, can you take your coats and throw them on my bed?”

“Sure. I’ll take Matt’s too when he gets back.”


Just then Matt returned with his casserole and had Joel with them. They made introductions again and then put food items on the table.

Spencer added the turkey platter to the table and took out the relish tray and butter for the bread. A few minutes later, they were ready to eat. Sarah was sticking close to Kate and Spencer. “It’s okay, honey,” she whispered. “Spencer and I work with these friends. They won’t hurt you.” She lifted her up and put her in her chair and pulled a bib over her head. “Spencer’s here, and I’m here, the rest of you find your place card,” Kate gestured to the chairs around the table.


Until next time,


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