Spencer Declares his Love

The next morning, Kate woke up to find herself in Spencer’s embrace. She started to stretch out the kinks. A voice interrupted her movements.

“Good morning, Kate.”

She turned to Spencer. “Good morning. Sleep well?”

“Yes. You?”

She nodded, afraid to voice her pleasure.

“Come here,” he gently pulled her over. He sat up behind her and gently rubbed her back and shoulders. He kissed her neck, sending shivers down her spine. Then he turned her face toward him and kissed her from one side to the other, ending on her forehead. She pulled away only to turn completely toward him and put her arms around Spencer, giving him a bear hug.

She was gone.

She was in love with Spencer now, but who could blame her? Spencer gazed into her eyes and asked, “Do you know how long I’ve waited to do this?” His voice was husky with love.

She shook her head.

“A long time,” and he pulled her in close to his chest. He cleared his throat before adding, “I love you, Kate Langston.  You and darling Sarah both.” He pulled away so he could kiss her on the lips. After a few more tender and slow kisses, he stopped to say, “Four years is a long time. But I would have waited forever.”

A little voice from the hallway interrupted them. “Mommy? Where you?”

“Honey, we’re in the living room.” Kate reluctantly left Spencer but eagerly moved toward the hall. “Hi, honey, did you sleep well?” Kate bent down to brush hair out Sarah’s eyes. She picked her up and hugged her.

“Yeah; I hungy.”  She squeezed her mommy’s neck.

“Me, too.” Spencer came up behind Kate and put his hand on her shoulder. “Did I hear somebody say they were hungry?”

“Hi, Mr. Daddy. Have pancakes?” If Sarah was surprised to see Spencer so early in the morning, she didn’t show it.

Spencer looked at Kate for an answer about the pancakes.

“Sweetheart, Spencer isn’t your daddy,” she tried to once again explain. Why not her heart asked.

Why not indeed.


Until next time,


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