Kate Deals with the Stress

The following Monday, as soon as she arrived at work, Kate sensed the tense atmosphere in the Security Forces offices and the squadron as a whole. More troops were being deployed overseas and the ramifications were felt across the whole base.

Everyone seemed tense and short with one another and she took a deep breath. She crossed her fingers and hoped she could get out of a deployment, but with staff so short everywhere already, it would be a miracle.

Whether of republican or democratic background, most troops agreed that the White House wasn’t serving its military personnel well. The country’s service members were stretching pretty thin and doing more work with less manpower and money. Morale was low with the increased grumbling. Bosses weren’t happy with the results from their troops, and the members weren’t happy with the impossible work load. In some offices, personnel were doing the work of two or three different people.

Kate drove her assigned car, the Chevy Impala around the base, with her annoying partner, who unfortunately smoked and who had a tendency to use many four-letter words. She endured the morning, only answering her partner when absolutely necessary. They parted ways at lunch and then Kate ran errands after eating.

Kate’s thoughts swirled in all directions, but mostly she worried about what she would do with Sarah if she had to deploy. Kate slowed down for the stop light at the corner that would lead her to the back part of the base where the flight line stretched diagonally between empty fields at one end and the railroad tracks to the south that cut across the base. The day was blustery and cold, but little snow had fallen so far.

During her afternoon shift, she wished she could take her rifle and shoot every round into the sky or into the ground. At least she would have the satisfaction of shooting at something which would make her feel better. Perhaps a time of practice at the shooting range was in order. And, some time at the gym which was required.

After her workout at the gym, where she pushed her muscles to the edge on the weight machines around the room, she did feel some tension ease up. After showering and changing, she drove to the shooting range in Belleville and shot some rounds through paper targets. When she was done, nobody could tell what design was on the target, it was so torn up.


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