Kate Gets an Assignment

Unfortunately the eased tension from the day before increased when Kate arrived at work. She was informed she had to leave over the holidays for two months. Kate’s stomach felt like a fighting match going on inside. Even though it was a short deployment, it was still too long for her. What in the world would she tell Sarah and how was she going to take it? It was a good thing she was young and didn’t really know how her daddy died. The last thing she needed was for the little girl to worry about Kate dying, not just being away.

Kate stomped around the room, sighing and swearing under her breath. Not hungry at lunch time, she went to the gym again to get rid of some anger. It didn’t help as much as she’d hoped.

She felt horrible for Sarah, and the thought of leaving her so long without being able to see her or talk to her made Kate’s insides quiver. She knew Kelly and Jen would help by watching Sarah on weekends and overnights, but with a deployment being so long, she didn’t like the idea of all the back and forth for Sarah. The poor thing had been through enough already in her short life.

Kate ran into Spencer in the hallway, literally, she was so upset. “What’s the matter?” he asked, holding her arm to back her away slightly so he could see her face to face.

“I’ve got orders to deploy, that’s what’s the matter!” and she stomped off to her duties.


Until next time,


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