Spencer Feels for Kate

Spencer’s heart sank. Oh, no. This will not be good. He continued on to his station, where he dropped into a chair and blew out his breath. Kate always put her heart into things full force but if you steer her where she doesn’t want to go, she’s like a raging bull.

Patience, patience, Spencer told himself. She would need some time to deflate and figure things out. The best thing he could do for now was give her space. At the moment, he had to put her problems aside and get back to answering the phone at the help desk and writing up reports.

He would give her a few days before talking to her unless she approached him first, which was highly unlikely. Pulling up a sagging sock in his boot, he took a deep breath and answered the phone, his mind not only on a woman he loved but on one who sometimes confused him.

After his shift he would do the shopping he had planned and get the gifts wrapped by whatever charity was doing it that evening at the BX. It was always worth the few bucks to get his packages wrapped and not worry about buying paper and bows that matched.  He didn’t care too much about that kind of stuff–that was for girls.  He was happy to get a gift wrapped in a brown paper sack for all he cared.


Until next time,


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