Kate Feels Better, a Little

After picking up Sarah from Mrs. Pettigrew’s, they picked up dinner from Subway. Kate wasn’t in the mood for using her culinary skills. Though she felt less tense, she was still angry and upset she had to leave Sarah in a few weeks. They were still getting to know one another and the ‘rules’ of their relationship, and all that, which made her unhappy at the prospect of leaving and having to start over when she returned. But with so many troops stationed all around the world, she had to. After all, this is what she signed all those papers for.

After sharing their sandwiches, Kate put Sarah in her pajamas and read library books to her. Buttons napped at their feet, curled up in a ball. While Kate read, her mind wandered. How much Christmas prep should she do, and when should they celebrate? Kate had to leave five days before Christmas.

Kate didn’t have much in the way of decorations, but some. She had a wreath for the door; some red, white and green candle holders; a collection of ceramic and glass snowmen she loved and a few other assorted items. She did not have a tree, or any stockings and had few tree ornaments.

After Sarah went to bed, Kate ran down to the storage area of the basement and brought up her one carton marked ‘Christmas’. Some years she got the stuff out, others not. It depended on where she was stationed and if she was going to be in town for the holiday.

As she pulled out her decorations and unwrapped them and decided where they should go, her thoughts turned to shopping. She thought she would enjoy buying gifts for Sarah. And for Mrs. Pettigrew and Spencer. Maybe this year the holiday wouldn’t be so bad after all. Even if it had to be celebrated a little early.


Until next time,


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